Bowl Projections: Which Bowls Are Oklahoma, Boise, TCU and Houston Headed To?

Jayson LoveCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2011

Bowl Projections: Which Bowls Are Oklahoma, Boise, TCU and Houston Headed To?

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    In a year with only one undefeated major conference team, you would think that one or two of the non-automatic qualifying teams would be vying for an opportunity at an at-large BCS bid. 

    That just simply isn't the case this season.

    With Houston's loss yesterday, none of the non-AQ teams have an undefeated record and it's likely, that for a change in recent memory, the BCS will be left to the "Big Boys" this season.

    That is, the "Big Boys" sans Oklahoma.

    Oklahoma was a major disappointment this season, but had an opportunity to salvage its season with a victory over Oklahoma State in Bedlam last night.

    Not only didn't they win, but the Sooners were so soundly beaten, they may not even end up in a major second-tier bowl this holiday season.

    So, to which bowls will these four teams be attending?


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    There has been some talk about TCU's resume being impressive enough for a BCS at-large bid.

    TCU came into Week 14 with the No. 18 BCS ranking.

    TCU ought to be in the requisite Top 16 for mid majors, and will likely have a ranking ahead of WVU, the Big East champion.

    However, would the Horned Frogs be picked over Michigan or K-State?

    Most likely no.

    So where will the Frogs end up?

    The Mountain West champs should head to Vegas to play a Pac-12 team in the Maaco Bowl. 

Boise State

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    Because of their loss to TCU, the Broncos finished the season in second place in its conference for the first time since 2001 when they failed to win the WAC in their inaugural WAC season.

    Similarly, this season marked the first time Boise competed in the Mountain West.

    As the second place team in the MWC, Kellan Moore and Boise should find themselves in San Diego at the Poinsettia Bowl.


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    Houston had its ticket punched, and was all set to deliver the $17 million check to Conference USA when a funny thing happened—the Cougars lost their conference title game to Southern Miss showing the downside of a conference championship game

    Houston now will find itself on the outside looking in at the BCS bubble.

    The champion of C-USA is now Southern Miss, and will head to the Liberty Bowl.

    After that, Houston ought to be the first pick of the remaining affiliates now that FIU has agreed to play what is essentially a home game in St. Petersburg, Fl.

    Houston should find itself in a fine bowl game with the rest of its resume being so impressive—they will likely play New Year's Day (Jan. 2) in the TicketCity Bowl.


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    Oklahoma entered the season with a big time coach and a big time quarterback and was one of the preseason favorites to make a run at the national title.

    After its epic loss last night, the Sooners find themselves out of the BCS picture and behind teams like Kansas State and Baylor when it comes to possible at-large BCS bids, and selection for postseason play.

    As the No. 4 team in the conference behind those three teams, Oklahoma will likely be headed to either the Insight Bowl or the Alamo Bowl.

    The Sooners are still however, an attractive team to prospective bowls and will most likely end up in the Alamo bowl, the "better" of those two bowls.