5 Reasons Why Fans Should Want Alabama-LSU Round II

Teddy WContributor IIDecember 2, 2011

5 Reasons Why Fans Should Want Alabama-LSU Round II

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    It appears many fans and even some members of sports media do not want a rematch between Alabama and LSU.

    Georgia certainly will be cheered for by many in order to screw up the BCS system. Even if LSU loses (which they won't), it is very unlikely at this point in the season there will be any other national championship matchup except the two SEC West teams.

    It is easy to understand why fans initially may not want a rematch. After all, LSU beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa. This is not a very sophisticated argument. Here are five reasons why a rematch is the best thing for college football.

Defense, Defense, and Some More Defense

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    9-6. 15 points total. These are truly special defenses. It's always fun to watch high scoring shoot outs. Teams such as Oregon and Oklahoma State light up the scoreboard but they do not have the defensive prowess of the two best SEC teams. Defense wins championships. Low scoring games are exciting because each time the offense scores a touchdown or a field goal it means something. This tension will surely provide an entertaining BCS national championship game.

Special Teams

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    Most people would think about the Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu when taking about the special teams play in the national championship game. Mathieu certainly is an exciting player but the chances he scores on defense is much greater than when he is returning. The reason special teams will be incredibly exciting and potentially nerve wrecking for Alabama fans is for one obvious reason: Field goal kicking. Who knows what would have happened if the Crimson's kickers made those field goals. Another reason why special teams will be an exciting facet of the game to watch is Les Miles' tendency to take risks at any time. Be on the look out for fake punts and onside kicks from the Mad Hatter.


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    Nick Saban and Les Miles are easily two of the top five coaches in college football today. They both are amazing recruiters and coaches. All one has to do for validation is to look at how many players have been coached by these men who play in the NFL today. As physical the regular season game was in November it was also a strategic tug-o-war. Both coaches had a bye week to prepare. Just imagine how much analysis and creativity Saban and Miles with even more time.

The Rivalry

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    These teams have a interesting mix of hate and respect for each other. Since both teams are close to each other geographically many of the players know each other. Frequently these two schools are the final two choices for top tier recruits. This is one of the most well liked rivalries in college football even for fans outside the SEC. Do you remember the excitement before the November game? Just imagine a month of media build up and how excited fans will be over another installment of this great rivalry.

It's Just the Best Game

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    Simply put this is the best game possible for college football. It would be a crime to not put both these teams in the national championship game. Oklahoma State lost to an Iowa State team with a losing conference record. Oregon has lost twice. Stanford did poorly against Oregon who already lost to LSU. What other team could fans truly want? Houston? Boise State? Even Virginia Tech has shown they are not worthy of playing Alabama or LSU with unimpressive wins against Duke and North Carolina. True fans want the best game between the best teams and that is without question Alabama and LSU round II.