Alabama, a Short Story: 20 Reasons Why I Hate the Crimson Tide

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 28, 2011

This man is why people are mad....won too much.
This man is why people are mad....won too much.Getty Images/Getty Images


  1. They just won a national championship two years ago!
  2. They are winning games this year!
  3. They have one of the best coaches in the country!
  4. They recruit better than 95 percent of the teams out there!
  5. My team didn't win their games and 'Bama has a chance to play in the BCS National Championship Game...again!
  6. If the Tide plays in another BCS National Championship Game, they may win!
  7. Their fans are more passionate than my team's fans. It's like I'm all alone in my fandom.
  8. Haven't they won enough championships already?!
  9. Speaking of national championships, they claim 13 but they really have eight, which is more than my team! I'm mad about that!
  10. Their players are better than my team's players.
  11. They lost one game this year against the No. 1 team and will probably get a rematch!
  12. Did I mention that they have won more games over the last four years than my team? I'm mad!
  13. Because they are in the South!
  14. They beat my team this year!
  15. Their wins are against teams that couldn't take care of business against their opponents. I'm mad!
  16. They have history and can create more history with a rematch, and that makes me mad!
  17. Have I mentioned that their fan base is a bunch hillbilly rubes that live in the South even though I live in the South or another part of the country that has just as many hillbilly rubes? I'm mad anyway!
  18. Coach Saban hasn't jumped ship yet and my coach has been fired or doesn't do as well.
  19. The BCS favors Alabama because they win their games and only lose to the best team by three points in overtime at home while my team loses as a 28-point favorite on the road to an unranked team. I'm mad!
  20. They didn't even win their division! 

Bonus. I'm jealous!

Saturday, as I had some drinks outside Jordan-Hare Stadium with some Auburn friends, I could not negate the atmosphere that seemed more prevalent than just the surrounding area. I felt that it went beyond just the state.

I broached the subject that if you polled the college football-watching nation, of course excluding Tide fans, in my opinion more than 99 percent of them wanted the Alabama Crimson Tide to lose the Iron Bowl. Of course, some of those polled would want the Tide to lose because they want their team to jump 'Bama.

Success breeds hatred. The hatred increases when success is continuous and creates more success. That is why people do not want Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game. How many people out there hate Auburn right now? How many hate Texas or even Florida? 

Here is a question, if Oklahoma State is second in the BCS standings next week, how many people will hate that team? Not many, because they know it is one and done. 

I'm sure that many of you could add your personal views to the list and may do so. The bottom line is that the BCS system is what it is, and in one week you are really going to hate Alabama or love the BCS....or hate both.