BCS Rankings: Predicting Who's in and Who's out of the BCS Top 25

Georgia ByrdContributor INovember 27, 2011

Florida State dominated the Gators in The Swamp last night.
Florida State dominated the Gators in The Swamp last night.Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

As the end-of-season depression sets in for college football fans, the final week's BCS drama unfolds. Teams like LSU and Alabama have proven their BCS ranking's worth.  But there are some teams who have crept in like pranksters hiding in the bushes on Halloween.  Ohers have the human side of the poll voters looking to the heavens for advice.  

Here's to the party guests and the BCS busters.


Who's in the Top 25?

The Florida State Seminoles danced in "The Swamp" and also the stands of the Top 25 with their brutal 21-7 win against the Florida Gators last night.  The stunned Gator faithful couldn't get out of the stadium fast enough.  Out with a concussion was Florida quarterback John Brantley.

For Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher, this was the win his team needed to get him back in the game, as they say.  The Seminoles ride out of the season after losses to Oklahoma, Clemson, Wake Forest and Virginia, but take the state rivalry win to make them bowl eligible and keep a reservation in the BCS Top 25.

Southern Miss (10-2) will crack the BCS and hang on until their conference championship next weekend against Houston.  They'll enjoy a BCS ranking even if they lose and remain in the Top 25 for the year's end. Penn State will hang on to a slot in the Top 25 and Baylor, TCU and Michigan will remain in the BCS standings.


Who's Out of the Top 25?

Say "bye-bye" to the Tigers—both of those not named LSU.  Clemson and Auburn will most likely slip out of the BCS Top 25.  Auburn's loss to Alabama (42-14) will be too much for the computers and human voters to handle.  

For the Auburn faithful, going from national champions to a fall from the Top 25 will be a bit tough to chew on, but they'll have an entire year to regroup and rebuild.  They'll drop out into never-never land along with Clemson, which, at one time, was ranked No. 5.

The South Carolina Gamecocks helped to ruin Clemson's chances for a BCS Bowl berth and added to Dabo Sweeney's woes.  

Sweeney—it has been said—was given this year as the last opportunity to show he has the makings of a head coach.  

Watch Tennessee—a legendary BCS presence—stay out of the final rankings and look for possible changes in the Dooley empire to come.

The Ramblin' Wreck of Georgia Tech was just that—a ramblin' wreck.  Paul Johnson's team will fade away, as will Mack Brown's Texas Longhorns.  There's no room in the BCS for teams that are inconsistently losing.  

Hold on for one more week of BCS standouts and failures leading up to the big game in New Orleans.