Alabama Football: 5 Things to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Damon YoungCorrespondent IINovember 24, 2011

Alabama Football: 5 Things to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

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    What are you thankful for?

    It's a question we all ask ourselves as we sit down, hopefully with family and friends, to share that special annual meal with one another.

    Perhaps it's your health, your family, that certain thing in your life that you are thankful for, but let us pause for a moment to reflect on that other sacred Thanksgiving Day ritual: football.

    No, I'm not talking about the NFL and their Turkey Day traditions. I'm talking about the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    As the Tide nation gathers around their table there is a lot, the team and their fans, have to be thankful for.

    Yes, I'm aware that these aren't critical real world issues, but as silly as it may appear to some, here are five reasons why Alabama should be thankful this Thanksgiving.


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    Thank you, Iowa State. Thank you, Baylor. Thank you, USC.

    There are times in the college football season when a team may need a little help to get where they are going or in Alabama's case, get back to where they were going.

    Thanks to these upsets Alabama is essentially a win over Auburn from playing for the National Title.

    Thanks to these upsets the Crimson Tide can get to New Orleans without ever having to play an extra game in Atlanta.

Alabama Is Not LSU

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    Now there are countless jokes Tide and Tiger fans could make about that statement, but the fact of the matter is that it's great to be Alabama and not LSU.

    Why is that?

    Well, congratulations LSU, you went 11-0 and now all you have to do is beat the third ranked Arkansas Razorbacks and at home and then a very hot Georgia team in the SEC championship game, to potentially face Alabama, a team they defeated, again for the national championships.

    Yes, I'm aware of various scenarios where LSU could get there even if they lost to Georgia, but do you really want to try that situation? 

    Absolutely not.

    When it all boils down the BCS has presented an easier path to the BCS National Title Game for a one loss Alabama team over undefeated LSU.

Mal Moore

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    There are many reasons for Alabama to be grateful for athletics director Mal Moore.

    Perhaps it was his "Nick Saban or bust" rip to Miami to hire the former Dolphins head coach after Alabama's disastrous coaching search left him with few options.

    Maybe it's the vision and ability to turn Bryant-Denny Stadium into one of the finest facilities in the nation.

    The fact is there are a lot of reasons to be thankful for Mal. He has forged an extremely successful path for Alabama athletics in his tenure at the the Capstone.

    There is no way Alabama would be in position to possibly play for another National Title, let alone win one in 2009, if not for this man.

    I hope one day we will get to hear the whole story on how Mal Moore brought Nick Saban to Tuscaloosa, but for now I think all Alabama people can just be happy that Mal Moore is the man behind the curtain for the Crimson Tide.

Trent Richardson

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    There are many players for Alabama to be thankful for, that much is obvious, but it would be impossible to write about all of them, so let us focus on Trent.

    Trent has been a special talent ever since he set foot in Tuscaloosa.

    His personality, his work ethic, and his amazing talent on the field has been something for everyone in Crimson to appreciate.

    Whether he's destroying defenders with quickness, speed, power or answering reporter questions and analyst's praise with humbleness, Trent has been an absolute gem for Alabama.

    It is likely he is gone after this season, but regardless of that decision it has been a ride Tide fans are certainly grateful for.

Tim Tebow

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    How should Alabama fans be thankful for Tim Tebow?

    Why isn't this last slide and ode to Nick Saban?

    Well, yes, I could write about how grateful the Tide nation is for Nick Saban, but that much is obvious.

    I could also fill this section with a thank you note to Rich Rodriguez for turning down Alabama or would I write that about his wife?

    No, this one is going to be about Tim Tebow.

    Can you possibly imagine where Alabama would be today if Tim Tebow has chose the Crimson Tide over the Gators? His recruiting decision came down to those final two schools and led to a suspenseful signing day ceremony where Florida rejoiced and Alabama fans soured.

    If Tebow had chose to come to Tuscaloosa than Mike Shula would have at least kept his job for another season. 

    Alabama would have had some success, but let's face it. With Shula at the helm even a player like Tebow would have smothered my mediocre coaching and who knows what state the Alabama football program would be in today.

    Would Saban still be in Miami or would another university have lured him back to the college game?

    So don't hate Tim Tebow.

    Thank him. 

    I think his decision many years ago worked out for everyone.