Rich Rodriguez Arizona: 5 Guarantees for the Wildcats-Rich Rod Era

Eric Ball@@BigLeagueEballFeatured ColumnistNovember 22, 2011

Rich Rodriguez Arizona: 5 Guarantees for the Wildcats-Rich Rod Era

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    The Arizona Wildcats made a big splash when they announced Rich Rodriguez would be the coach replacing Mike Stoops in Tucson.

    Nobody is quite sure what to expect from Rich Rod after a horrific three-year, 15-22 stint with the Michigan Wolverines, which also included NCAA sanctions. This comes after a terrific 60-26 run with his alma mater West Virginia, where his team was one game away from the championship in the 2007 season.

    So which Rodriguez are we going to see?

    Here are five things sure to occur during the Rodriguez Era in Tucson.

1. The Spread Offense Will Be Implemented Immediately

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    One of the big reasons Rodriguez struggled in Ann Arbor was the lack of personnel catered to his style of offense. The Big Ten doesn’t take too kindly to a spread offense.

    Rodriguez is fully behind the spread and in college that means you need specific talent around to ensure it can be run successful.

    He has that at Arizona.

    While star QB Nick Foles may be departing, Rodriguez will be inheriting dual-threat Matt Scott. The 2012 senior will be able to bridge the gap to the new offense without Arizona falling off a cliff.

2. Rodriguez Will Avoid NCAA Sanctions

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    This isn’t a “doing the right thing” philosophy for Rich Rod; it’s more of the fact he has no choice.

    We all know about the compliance issues at Michigan, but he was also hit with a "failure to monitor" charge that dates back to his time with West Virginia.

    The NCAA is going to be breathing down his neck, as will athletic director Greg Byrne, one of the best ADs in the country.

    Too much is on the line to get busted for a third time; it would be a death sentence for his career.

3. Rodriguez Will Be Stockpiling QBs

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    His Michigan days were doomed by a lack of urgency to recruit a quarterback in his first year. He didn’t get the player he needed until his third season (Denard Robinson) and by then it was too late. The Wolverines had already sealed his fate.

    Expect him to make that priority No. 1 in the upcoming recruiting cycle. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him offer two, or even three scholarships to signal-callers that are capable of running his spread offense.

4. Arizona Will Win More Than Three Games in 2012

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    Stoops had become stale at Arizona and a change had to be made to reignite a fed-up fanbase. Rodriguez is going to fire up the team with his in-your-face tactics that typically work in year one.

    After that, players may or may not get sick of all the yelling, cursing and intensity. That will be a huge question for the rest of his tenure.

    For now, expect six wins and a bowl game in 2012 as he attempts to get the region excited for football again.

5. He Will Leave Tucson Under Bad Terms

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    History doesn’t lie.

    Rodriguez left WVU before the Mountaineers' BCS bowl game, and ended up getting into a lawsuit with the university over a breach of contract.

    It was ugly—especially when you consider how much success he had brought to the program.

    He was fired from Michigan and left with the team still on probation. It’s safe to say he won’t be making a trip to the Big House anytime soon.

    He’s 2-for-2 in horrific goodbyes…what makes you think things are going to change this time around?

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