Arachnophobia Strikes Montana as Richmond defeat Grizzlies, 24-7 for FCS Title

Brad JamesCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2008

While the Richmond athletic department has seen its bright moments, such as the 1968 Tangerine Bowl win over Ohio and the 1991 NCAA Tournament which saw the No. 15 seed Spiders upset No. 2 Syracuse, things haven't been overly spectacular.

However, Friday evening in Chattanooga, Tenn. that all changed as the Spiders won their first ever national championship in any sport by dismantling the dynastic Montana Grizzlies, 24-7 at Finley Stadium.

There was nothing flashy or "sexy" about Richmond's win, except for the fact that it occurred in a REAL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

I, for one, find national championships rather sexy so kudos to the Spiders for getting it done.

In all seriousness though, Richmond personified what champions are all about.

I was foolish last week as in my analysis of the I-AA playoffs, I seditiously overlooked the Spiders notwithstanding their Elway-esque drive against Northern Iowa in the closing moments.

That of course laid the foundation for their emphatic victory over Montana.

By the time Cole Bergquist and the rest of the Grizzlies knew what hit them, Richmond had built a 21-0 lead behind the excellent play of Eric Ward and Josh Vaughn and keyed off on what had been an impressive Montana offense coming into this game.

The Spiders amassed seven sacks overall, including a hat trick by Lawrence Sidbury who reminds me of Trent Cole or perhaps even John Abraham.

During the broadcast, Brock Huard said he should be a first-day draft pick so if your team has lots of selections in the second or third round, hope and pray that Sidbury's name is called to join their ranks.

Personally, I think he'd look great in Bronco orange and blue.

Well, once again I call out Division I, saying: this is how it's supposed to be done.

As the anti-climatic bowl season commences on December 20, the NFL, NBA, college basketball and even thimble collecting will take precedence over the farcical proceedings of Capital One Bowl Week.

That's right New Mexico Bowl, brass thimbles are more important than you.

Once again, congrats to the Richmond Spiders.

Head coach Mike London is a class act and if you see Tim Hightower acting considerably giddy if he scores a touchdown against the Pats this Sunday, you'll know why.