Urban Meyer Ohio State: Why Meyer Would Want to Coach the Buckeyes

Bob Bajek@bobbajekAnalyst IIINovember 21, 2011

Urban Meyer Ohio State: Why Meyer Would Want to Coach the Buckeyes

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    ESPN analyst Urban Meyer has been in the rumor mill the past few weeks with him going back into college football, coaching the Ohio State Buckeyes.

    Meyer, who led the Florida Gators to two national titles, denied interviewing or receiving an offer from Ohio State, but he told the Gainsville Sun that he would have "a decision to make" if the Buckeyes make him an offer.

    Here are a few reasons why Meyer might eagerly accept an offer to become the Buckeyes next coach.

Urban Meyer Said He Misses Football

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    In that same Gainsville Sun article, Urban Meyer was quoted as saying "I love football. It's what I am. I miss it.”

    Meyer stepped down from coaching Florida after last season due to health reasons, wanting to spend more time with his family and the state of college football.

    In that same article, Meyer told reporter Pat Dooley:

    I've done some research into the second one. I've found that it is possible to have balance between your job and your family, that there are coaches out there who are doing it.

    If Meyer is confident he could balance his family life with his coaching job, he might be more inclined to return.

Braxton Miller Has a Similar Skill Set to Tim Tebow

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    Urban Meyer probably is most famous for recruiting and developing one of the greatest college football players in the Denver Broncos' Tim Tebow.

    Tebow was a First Team All-American twice, won the Heisman Trophy and helped lead the Florida Gators to two national titles. 

    Meyer was able to efficiently use Tebow in his innovative version of the spread offense. Tebow threw for 88 touchdowns and ran for 57 scores.

    The Ohio State Buckeyes have another dual-threat quarterback in freshman Braxton Miller.

    Miller can run really well, but needs to develop his pocket passing a bit. But Miller shouldn't be faulted too much, as the Buckeyes' more experienced receivers were either suspended or injured.

    Miller also has starting experience that Tebow didn't have as a freshman, so he should have a lesser learning curve as a sophomore.

    Meyer would be the perfect coach to make Miller into a star quarterback. If Miller becomes a star, the Buckeyes will be successful.

Ohio State Has Young Receivers

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    Besides having a talented quarterback, the Ohio State Buckeyes have a very young receiving corps.

    The Buckeyes have freshmen in Devin Smith and Evan Spencer and sophomores with Chris Fields and Corey Brown.

    Urban Meyer will have a couple years to work with this core, who will develop along with Braxton Miller.

    These receivers already have significant game experience due to injuries and suspensions handed out to upperclass receivers.

Ohio State Buckeyes Have a Huge Atheltic Department

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    The Ohio State Buckeyes have a huge athletic department that will give Urban Meyer a huge contract and help get him the best players available.

    The Buckeyes athletic department spends over $123 million in its operating budget to fund its 33 sports teams, the band and giving over 1,000 student athletes some scholarship money. 

    Out of those athletes, 145 are given full scholarships.

    With those financial resources and Meyer's big name, the Buckeyes could easily return to the nation's top college football destination for star recruits.

    Meyer was rumored on Ohio State message boards to receiving a seven-year, $35 million contract from the Buckeyes. According to NBC Sports, the Buckeyes would possibly assemble the highest-paid assistant coaching staff around Meyer. 

Ohio State Provides the Best Situation to Succeed

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    Sporting News writer David Whitley said Urban Meyer is the most highly sought-after coach.

    Many teams are after Meyer.

    The storied Penn State Nittany Lions are in turmoil after the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal. The scandal led to Joe Paterno, Penn State college president Graham Spanier and others being fired or forced to resign.

    Aside from off the field issues, the Nittany Lions also don't have the personnel to pull off Meyer's offensive system.

    Meyer was cheered when he covered a Notre Dame Fighting Irish game earlier this year. However, the Fighting Irish will most likely keep coach Brian Kelly.

    If Kelly leaves Notre Dame, Meyer would have to deal with a program that has underachieved since legendary coach Lou Holtz left.

    Other rumored destinations include UCLA and Arizona, who are lower rung teams in the Pac-12 behind Oregon and USC. 

    The Ohio State Buckeyes, even though they are dealing with the tattoo scandal, provide Meyer with the best chance to succeed if he decides to coach again.

    The Buckeyes gave Meyer his first assistant coaching job, and he is an Ohio native.

    Ohio State is a perennial leader in the Big Ten Conference and has the reputation and resources to recruit top local and national football players than UCLA and Arizona would.

    Penn State is a storied program, but the Sandusky scandal accompanied with always being in Paterno's shadow are recipes for Meyer to surely failure.

    Bob Bajek is a writing intern at Bleacher Report. He is also a freelance reporter and can be followed at Patch.com and Twitter.