'Tis The Recruiting Season—Jayhawk Style

DJ GoodwinCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2008

A few offensive guys on my wish list in no particular order—

Toben OpurumRB
They call him a fullback, but when you watch this video you realize he can be a feature back. According to Scout, he's visiting this weekend and I wish they'd move the high 3 degrees on Sunday up about 40 degrees. Anyway, you all know the story here—Sharp, Quigley and Crawford will all be seniors next year. The starting spot is wide open for 2010 against the weak rotation. You can be a the back for a team hell-bent on getting to the Big 12 title game.

Skyler ScottWR
Info from the HuskerJournal on the Texas wideout indicates that he has eliminated Mizzou and has narrowed his choices to Baylor and KU. You have to scroll down on that link to pick up his full comments, but he looks like a Baylor lean. Understandable being close to home and the chance to play with Robert Griffin III. However, I'll throw out a few pros for Kansas:

1) Legitimate division contender—hard to imagine Baylor rising to the top in the south. Heck, OSU and Tech haven't been able to do it

2) Dexton Fields graduates—you could actually play in year one during Todd Reesing's senior year.

3) Otherwise, redshirt and go at it in 2010 against the weak schedule. Kerry Meier will graduate as well so competition at wideout will be open.

Comments from Skyler:

“I like the coaching staff at Kansas. I like their uniforms a little bit I do like the offense they run and their quarterback.

"I like Coach Beaty (Kansas) he’s a really cool guy, I hear from him a lot. Coach Beaty said I could play as a true freshman.”

Video at MaxPreps -- http://www.maxpreps.com/FanPages/maxprepstv.mxp/videoid-142656a1-27d0-441f-b7fe-9dd3db26cc34

Bryant AllenWR
I hadn't heard much about Bryant until KJ-IBT noted that Mizzou was off of his list and that he was down to KU and Minnesota. When you take a look at his profile on Scout, the first thing that jumps out at you is the 4.3 40 time. Yes, I think he'd fit in nicely to the mix at wide receiver. I'd mention the same bullet points to Bryant that I listed above for Skyler. Compare KU's place in the North division versus Minnesota's slot in the Big 10.

Ronnie Wingo JrRB/ATH
Looks like we're still on the list and has said in the past he will visit KU. Looks like Mark Mangino and Gary Pinkel visited this week, but that particular reporter feels good about Arkansas. Still, how about a little video:

Video Posted from Ronnie's Gallery on Takkle.com

Oh, but I'm too greedy as the list goes on—visions of Kendial Lawrence, Tyrece Gaines, Tracy Moore and Ricco Sanders are also dancing in my head. Not to mention more QBs still on the list and a particular JUCO defensive end on the other side of the ball. The real job is calling, I'll have to save those for another day... but I have to say it is the most wonderful time of the year.