Big 12 Football: Chicken or The Egg?

Tim BondCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2008

SEC fans want to talk about how bad Oklahoma's defense is. They also want to speak about how the terrible defenses in the Big 12 make the offenses look a lot better.

Now, this may be the classic chicken or egg argument. But I will say this. The SEC fans tend to forget how bad their offenses are. This tends to create a falsehood that the defenses look better than what they truly are.


Lets look at some things before we continue.


On defense Oklahoma has faced a schedule where their opponents on the season have averaged some really good numbers.


  1. Average number of plays per game for those offenses are 69.84 plays per game. Florida's opponents averaged 65.66 plays per game on offense.

  2. Average yards per play for those offenses are 6.36 yards/play. Florida's opponents averaged 5.37 yards per play.

  3. Average yards per game for those offenses are 445.36 yards/game. Florida opponents averaged 352.59 yards per game.


Now when you look at the defenses that Oklahoma has faced compared to what Florida has faced, there is a huge gap compared to the offenses both have faced. And that gap leans in toward Oklahoma.


(Florida listed first)

  1. Average number of plays per game for those defenses are 63.89 plays per game. Oklahoma's opponents averaged 71.17 plays per game.

  2. Average yards per play for those defenses are 4.81 yards per play. Oklahoma's opponents averaged 5.65 yards per play.

  3. Average yards per game for those defenses are 307.64 yards per game. Oklahoma opponents have averaged 401.76 yards per game.


Now these numbers are not suggesting which team is better. However, they are suggesting which team has played better competition this year. And when looking at these numbers it slightly favors Oklahoma. If these numbers are not good enough for you, try looking at current rankings.


Oklahoma has beaten No. 7 Texas Tech, No. 11 TCU, No. 12 Cincinnati, No. 13 Oklahoma State, No. 21 Missouri. They lost to No. 3 Texas.

Florida has beaten No. 4 Alabama and No. 15 Georgia. They lost to No. 25 Ole Miss.


Looking at these numbers, I will gladly take my chances on the Oklahoma Sooners to win the 2008 National Championship.


You forgetful SEC fans can use the perception of how bad the Big 12 defenses are. I will use the fact that Oklahoma has faced offenses that average a rank of No. 24 in the land.