BYU to the Big East: 7 Schools the Conference Should Also Pursue

James Brown@@chasingballgameSenior Analyst INovember 19, 2011

BYU to the Big East: 7 Schools the Conference Should Also Pursue

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    The Big East football conference needs some major damage control. The once-proud conference has seen a recent defection of some of their best teams. With the recent changes in the college football landscape, the Big East needs to keep up or they will get left behind.

    The main target for the Big East up to this point has been BYU and here are some of the other schools that should be considered if they want to become an elite football conference in the future.

BYU Cougars

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    The Big East football conference should not let a little thing like geography slow them down. BYU is an independent school now and would bring a great football tradition to the Big East.

    If the Big East were able to lure the Cougars it would be the first building block to setting up a 12-team conference that has some football teams that are capable of playing with the best teams in college football.

    It would also help in recruiting other teams into the Big East, most notably, Boise State.

Boise State Broncos

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    The Boise State football program is at its pinnacle and it does not look to be taking a step back anytime soon. With the high-octane offense and the flashy uniforms, the Broncos will have no problem recruiting in the future.

    Boise State would have another partner in the west in BYU and be a perfect fit for the Big East. The Broncos were already granted permission to leave their current conference and are primed to join the Big East.

Houston Cougars

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    The Houston Cougars are another good fit for the Big East. Like Boise State, the Houston Cougars play high-flying football which is a drastic change from the type of football that the conference has been known for in the past.

    This kind of excitement is just the type of makeover that the Big East desperately needs. If the Big East gets Houston to defect, other teams from conference USA are likely to join.

SMU Mustangs

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    SMU fits the current mold of what the Big East is trying to attract. The Big East is eager to add a well-established college with a strong heritage of football.  

    It doesn’t hurt that SMU will also provide an exciting offense to watch and along with Houston, the Big East would now have a recruiting foot-hold in the state of Texas. This acquisition would allow the Big east to play with the big boys in college football, now and into the future.

Military Academies

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    The latest rumors indicate that the Big East is targeting Air Force and Navy, but why not add Army and sweep the board?

    Air Force allows the Big East to expand out west with the additions of BYU and Boise State. The addition of Army and Navy brings all of the academies into the fold and the Commanders Trophy would be a big part of the Big East.

    This would also bring one of the longest rivalries in all of football to the Big East.

    These are just a few of the teams that the Big East could add to once again become a great college football conference.  If the Big East is successful in adding some of the teams mentioned, they should be considered one of the better conferences in football.


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