Top 10 Has-Been College Football Programs

George WrighsterGuest ColumnistNovember 15, 2011

Top 10 Has-Been College Football Programs

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    There is nothing worse than seeing a former proud champion on his knees. Some programs who used to matter on the college football landscape are now just faces in the crowd. Alabama is a team who would have been on this list but Nick Saban has returned them to powerhouse status. 

    Michigan, Miami, Colorado and Tennessee keep piling up poor seasons, and it makes you wonder if high school recruits even know these schools were great programs. These programs are severely wounded right now and it is going to take years of work to restore them to dominance.

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    Here are the programs that used to be:

10. Florida State

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    FSU started the season ranked in the Top Five and has truly underachieved. Two of their losses are to now Top 10 teams (Oklahoma, Clemson). This season was supposed to mean the resurgence of the Seminoles to national relevance. FSU can still occasionally be found in the Top 25 so they may be able to recover very soon.

9. Colorado

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    The days of Kordell Stewart and Heisman trophy winner Rashaan Salaam are distant memories. Next years incoming freshman class wouldn't have been born in the Buffaloes' heyday. 


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    Rick Neuheisel was supposed to resurrect the UCLA program. This is the fourth year of his tenure and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. This was supposed to be the year! Big brother USC is on probation and unable to play in the Pac-12 Championship game. The Bruins would get a BCS bid if they could pull off an upset in the championship game. Opportunity wasted.

7. Texas

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    This team had high hopes going into the game against Oklahoma. Lopsided losses to Texas, Oklahoma State and Missouri have them at 6-3. Remaining games against Texas A&M, Baylor and Kansas State plus a bowl game virtually ensure them of a five loss season. 

6. Notre Dame

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    The last 15 years at Notre Dame have been a coaching carousel. They used to be able to roll their golden helmets on the field and beat teams. Those days are over. The luck of the Irish no longer has the same charm as it used to with recruits. This is a school that could only be found in the Top Five, now they are lucky if they are found in the Top 25. 

5. Michigan

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    The Wolverines have regained a little bit of their luster this year, but are still a far cry from the glory days. The seniors at Michigan State and Ohio State have never lost to Michigan. Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson are not walking though that door. The die hard Michigan fans are close to showing up to the Michigan State and Ohio State games with bags on their heads.

4. Tennessee

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    The Volunteers that were a perennial powerhouse under Phillip Fulmer are a shadow of their former selves. Lane Kiffin started to build the program up but tore it right back down when he disappeared in the night for greener pastures at USC. The only team worse in the SEC is Ole Miss.

3. Florida

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    Another former SEC powerhouse is now living with the commoners. Will Muschamp has himself a real fixer-upper with this Gators team. As usual, the Gators are loaded with athletes, but now they are short on football players. Florida is 5-5 and has no running back or quarterback. It might get worse before it gets better.

2. Ole Miss

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    A once proud and storied football program is now reduced to SEC rubble. The Rebels sit firmly in last place in the conference. 2-8 is a far cry from the results the Ole Miss faithful expected when Houston Nutt was brought in as coach.

1. Miami

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    I don't know what is worse, the offseason for the Canes, or the regular season. "The U" is under investigation and will surely be hit with major sanctions. At 5-5, there is nothing to smile about in South Beach. The saddest part about all this is that last week Miami played Florida State, and no one cared.