BCS Rankings Week 12: Would LSU-Alabama Rematch Set off Controversy?

Jayson LoveCorrespondent INovember 13, 2011

Alabama took care of business aganst MSU last nght.
Alabama took care of business aganst MSU last nght.Butch Dill/Getty Images

A funny thing happened on the way to four teams being undefeated, and a one-loss Alabama team being held out of the  title game: Stanford lost at home to Oregon and Boise dropped one to TCU.

While Boise had just an outside shot at the title game, Stanford was now the favorite to play LSU for the championship after Alabama's loss.

However, Stanford could not deal with the outstanding speed of Oregon, surrendering 53 points to the Ducks in a home loss last night.

With two undefeated teams now out of the picture, only LSU and Oklahoma State remain unbeaten among the national championship contenders.

Should Oklahoma State lose one if its remaining games—its season closer against Oklahoma for instance—it would open the door for a one-loss team to make the title game.

A big criticism of the BCS is that not all losses are created equal. Particularly, it is usually not that a team loses, but more a question of when.

Losing late in the season is not a good thing.

Bama's loss, however, was at just the right time.

They still have plenty of time to get back into the title picture with a game remaining against Auburn and a game against an FCS opponent.

Last night, Alabama picked up another conference road win against Mississippi State.

At No. 3 in the last BCS poll, they are in prime position should Oklahoma slip up.

Working in Alabama's favor is its location in the West division of the SEC.

While LSU needs to dodge bullets in games against Arkansas and either Georgia or South Carolina in an SEC Championship Game, Alabama can simply lay in wait.

Should LSU go through unbeaten, a rematch with Alabama could be controversial—particularly if they slip past an undefeated Oklahoma State team, although that scenario is quite unlikely.

However, even if only LSU ends up undefeated, it would still be a controversial scenario.

A rematch would mean that one of these two teams did not even win its conference. Also, matching up two teams in the same conference would be controversial, especially when you consider that this is a conference that has a championship game.