College Football's 50 Most Obsessed Fan Bases

Martin SondermannAnalyst IINovember 11, 2011

College Football's 50 Most Obsessed Fan Bases

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    There is a fine line between obsession and an unhealthy approach to being a fan.  Some of the teams on this list have fans who understand that, but some...not so much.

    This is a list of the 50 most obsessed fan bases in college football.  It contains the proof that America is the greatest land in the world, but it also reveals that some people have way too much time on their hands. 

    The 50 most obsessed college football fan bases in the nation. 

No. 50 Army

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    Army fans are loyal and committed, and their team is committed to a great defense. 

No. 49 Air Force

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    Aim high

    Air Force fans are always flying high, even if their team is known for its ground game. 

No. 48 Navy

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    Honor, courage, commitment

    Navy fans are very loyal, and they rarely jump ship. 

No. 47 Cal

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    Cal fans are not enjoying this season as much as past seasons, but their fans are obsessed anyway. 

No. 46 UCLA

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    Bruins fans are a frustrated lot, but they hang in there even when it hurts. 

No. 45 Washington

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    The Husky fans have waited very patiently for a year like this.  Let's hope it continues. 

No. 44 Illinois

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    Feeling low

    Illinois fans love their team, but a 6-0 start was wasted with three straight losses.  However, the fans are sticking it out, as usual. 

No. 43 Arizona State

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    Staying in the kitchen

    The old saying goes "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen."  ASU fans love the heat, and they love the kitchen.  With the patience of a career baker, these fans are fully obsessed with the perfect recipe.   

No. 42 Arizona

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    The fans of Arizona may not be as intense as their latest coach, but they are not far behind. 

No. 41 SMU

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    Recent losses by SMU have hurt their fans, but these fans don't give up easily.

No. 40 Fresno State

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    These fans aren't afraid to bark.  Lately, they have been doing just that.  An obsessed fan base in the Central Valley recently has become obsessed with finding a new coach. 

No. 39 Missouri

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    Their team is often overrated, but at least the fans are committed. 

No. 38 Virginia

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    Virginia is usually a decent team, but their fans are top-notch. 

No. 37 Miami

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    Too Obsessed

    Some of the Miami fans seem to be a bit too obsessed.  All fans must know where to draw the line. 

No. 36 Kansas State

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    Good fans, good team, good coach, good story.  The K-State fans are obsessed, and they rarely get too wild. 

No. 35 Baylor

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    On again, off again

    Baylor fans are obsessed, this year...It is a wavering bunch, but in the up years, they rival any fans out there. 

No. 34 Boston College

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    Living in the past

    Many B.C. fans are living in ancient history.  However, with a name like B.C., who can blame them?  An obsessed fan base with hopes for the future, but living in the past. 

No. 33 West Virginia

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    Some say WVU fans are cry babies, some say they are whiners, but either way they are obsessed. 

No. 32 Tennessee

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    A spoiled bunch of fans who are used to winning.  That is one way to describe Volunteer fans.  However, they are loyal and certainly obsessed.   

No. 31 Ole Miss

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    Southern cookin'

    Well, they know how to tailgate, even when their team is at the end of the conference standings.  Ole Miss fans are obsessed, but they haven't had a lot to cheer about lately. 

No. 30 Pitt

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    Trying too hard

    Pitt fans are obsessed, but they come across as trying way too hard. 

No. 29 North Carolina State

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    There is a fine line between obsession and denial.  Some fans keep the balance, others not so much. 

No. 28 Purdue

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    A bit boring

    Even though Purdue fans are passionate and obsessed, they still come across as a bit boring. 

No. 27 BYU

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    Every day but Sunday

    BYU fans are obsessed, except on Sunday.  They probably are then too, but they keep it to themselves.   

No. 26 Oklahoma State

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    Oklahoma State fans are obsessed, the only problem is some of their fans like OU better. 

No. 25 Clemson

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    The fans of Clemson can be blinded by obsession.  Take this year for example. 

No. 24 TCU

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    Conference jumpers

    These Horned Frogs and their fans are obsessed with jumping to the right conference.  Good luck in the Mountain West, err...Big East, err...Big 12, that only has 10 teams, err...nine teams? 

    Whatever the case, good luck. 

No. 23 Boise State

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    Inferiority complex

    Bronco fans are obsessed, but some of them still don't realize they have arrived. 

No. 22 Michigan State

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    Fantasy land

    Michigan State fans reside in a passionate obsessed place called "Fantasy land."  It is okay to fly home once in a while and do a reality check.  Nonetheless, they are obsessed. 

No. 21 Texas A&M

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    Loyalty? it depends...

    Texas A&M fans are obsessed with their team, but they are also equally obsessed with hating Texas. 

    You know what they say...

    ...Bitterness is a poison you drink expecting it to affect someone else. 

    The fans of the Aggies are excited about their new conference, but it might just be a really bad fit.  Did you cut off your nose just to spite your face? 

    Only time will tell...

No. 20 Georgia Tech

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    Good fans, good people

    Georgia Tech fans are obsessed with their team, but they seem to have a good nature about them. 

No. 19 Iowa

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    Hawkeye fans are truly obsessed, and angry. 

    Look, it's not anybody's fault but your team's that they aren't more respected. 

    They lose games they shouldn't, and even if they win games they shouldn't, that can't overcome the losses in the eyes of the public.

    Wonderfully blind, and wonderfully obsessed. 

No. 18 Virginia Tech

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    Nothing Hokie about em'

    Legitimate fans with a mighty obsession. 

No. 17 Florida State

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    Obsession as an art form

    Florida State fans have turned obsession into art.  They are never boring, and never without color and style. 

No. 16 Wisconsin

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    Loud and sometimes annoying

    Wisconsin fans love their team...we get it.  Don't let obsession get the best of you. 

No. 15 USC

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    Return to glory

    USC fans are excited.  Their team has returned to form, and next year they will return to glory.  A very obsessed fan base awaits a bowl invitation.  Not this year of course (due to sanctions), but they already are looking forward to next. 

No. 14 Oklahoma

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    Oh, you...

    OU, your fans are probably more than obsessed.  You know how to win, and you know how to lose.  It has to be frustrating to be a Sooner fan. 

No. 13 Ohio State

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    A down year

    Ohio State fans are always obsessed.  However, they are only at lucky No. 13 on this list because of a bit of a down year.  After things, ehem...clear up, things will get back to normal. 

No. 12 Texas

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    Center of the Universe

    Texas fans believe their team is the center of the college football universe.  The problem is you can't play football without other teams. 

No. 11 LSU

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    Obsession growing

    This year the LSU-obsessed fans are growing.  The bandwagon is not big enough for posers.  Tiger fans protect your ride. 

No. 10 Nebraska

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    Blind leading the blind

    Nebraska fans are so obsessed it often affects their vision.  An extremely soft early schedule does not equal a National Championship team. 

    Your obsession is great, but try to be honest with yourselves. 

No. 9 Notre Dame

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    Love your enemy

    Jesus said to love your enemy, but obsession can cause you to hate.  Notre Dame fans don't cross over the border between obsession and a need for confession. 

No. 8 Florida

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    Needing a renewal

    Florida fans are some of the most obsessed fans around.  However, lately they have been seeking a bit more from their team.  Next year has become the cry in Gatorville. 

No. 7 Oregon

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    Rainy days get some down

    But not Oregon fans.

    The rain doesn't damper the Duck fans and their love, devotion and obsession for their team. 

No. 6 Michigan

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    Have you seen a Michigan crowd?

    It takes a special kind of obsession to fit a mid-sized city into your stadium. 

No. 5 Georgia

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    Obsession overload

    Bulldog fans can sometimes be a little too obsessed.  However, with an SEC title on the line this year, obsession is what is needed. 

No. 4 Good Advice

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    General advice to all:

    Keep all things in perspective, and never let obsession cloud your judgement. 

No. 3 Auburn

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    Auburn fans are outrageously obsessed. 

No. 2 Arkansas

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    Hoggin' the obsession

    Arkansas fans have no problem finding obsession.  It is probably taught in grade school.  Heck, it's probably taught in Sunday School down in Hog Land. 

No. 1 Alabama

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    Not many want a rematch

    The only people in the world who truly want to see a 'Bama vs LSU rematch for the title are in Alabama.  You can't blame the fans after watching that game.  It weren't for the 14 missed field goals, or something like that, the Crimson Tide would be in the driver's seat. 

    As it stands now, the team, the coach and the fans are obsessed with a rematch. 

    It probably won't happen, 'Bama fans, but you can keep on hoping.