Top College Football Bowl Games to Watch over the Holidays

Dusty FloydCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2008

Meineke Car Care BowlNorth Carolina vs West Virginia

The bowl games between the Big East and ACC this year will tell which BCS conference is the worst. West Virginia had high hopes coming into the year, but couldn't come away with a great season.

Pat White and Noel Devine have impressed despite West Virginia's record as they've combined for over 2000 rushing yards. North Carolina looked good all year up until a devastating 42-10 loss to an average NC State squad.

Prediction: Pat White and Noel Devine will prove to be too much for the Tar Heels as they'll cruise to a 28-17 victory.


Sun BowlNo. 20 Pittsburgh vs Oregon State

It will be very interesting to see how Oregon State does after being one win away from the Rose Bowl. Too Bad for them their inexperience showed, and they got blown out by rival Oregon by a score of 65-38.

Pittsburgh has lost games that they shouldn't have this year, and could easily be in the Orange Bowl with a win over Cincinnati in late November.

Prediction: LeSean McCoy will run all over Oregon State's weak defense to give Pittsburgh a 31-21 win.


Capital One BowlNo. 15 Georgia at No. 18 Michigan State

Georgia had much higher hopes for the year than the Capital One Bowl, but they won't have an easy time trying to contain Javon Ringer. Georgia has another Walker finalist of their own though in Knowshon Moreno, and a talented quarterback and group of receivers.

If the Bulldogs can hold Javon Ringer under 150 yards, they will have a much higher chance of winning as Ringer hasn't rushed for more than 81 yards in any of their losses.

Prediction: Michigan State won't be able to plan for Georgia's balance on offense and the Bulldogs should stop Javon Ringer enough for a 28-24 victory.


Tostitos Fiesta BowlNo. 3 Texas vs No. 10 Ohio State

The Longhorns are out to prove that they deserve to be in the national championship and that's what they're planning to do against Ohio State. Beanie Wells won't roll over against Texas though. He has been licking his chops as he's watched Texas' defense on film.

Colt McCoy will actually have to work to have a big day as it won't be easy to prepare for the strong defense of the Buckeyes. He'll get his 300 yards passing though and should lead his offense to at least 20 points.

Prediction: Texas should come away with the win, but as Lee Corso says, "It'll be closer than the experts think." Texas wins, 21-14.


Rose BowlNo. 5 USC vs No. 8 Penn State

Penn State was hoping for a little bit more than the Rose Bowl, but I'm sure their happy with an exciting matchup against Southern Cal. Penn State's explosive offense and strong defense is something that USC hasn't seen since Ohio State back in September.

USC had better not come in too cocky, coming off of that easy Pac-10 schedule or else they could be in for a beating. Mark Sanchez won't come in ready for Joe Pa's defense and could definitely struggle in this one.

Prediction: Penn State will come in to prove that they are the national championship team everybody thought they were back in October and will win by a score of 17-13.


BCS National ChampionshipNo. 1 Oklahoma vs No. 2 Florida

Heisman winner, Sam Bradford had better not let the distractions of winning the Heisman get in his way, or else he will be in for a rude awakening once he sees the speed of Florida's defense. Oklahoma's high-powered offense will finally be tested, and it may not be too pretty.

Tim Tebow, on the other hand, will come in to prove that he deserved another Heisman. He is very grateful to finally face a non-SEC defense and should do very well against the Sooners. Don't forget that Percy Harvin will be back and healthy for this one as well.

Prediction: Tebow and the Gators go on to win their second national championship in three years, winning 45-31.


Other exciting games and predictions

Valero Alamo Bowl—Northwestern over Missouri

Poinsettia Bowl—TCU over Boise State

Holiday Bowl—Oklahoma State over Oregon

Orange Bowl—Virginia Tech over Cincinnati

Gator Bowl—Clemson over Nebraska


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