BCS Rankings: Top 10 Reasons Boise State Football Will Play for BCS Title

George SeligaCorrespondent INovember 7, 2011

BCS Rankings: Top 10 Reasons Boise State Football Will Play for BCS Title

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    Boise State is the perfect example of a "Cinderella team." They have been dominating their conference from year to year and have a lot of depth on their roster. Boise State plays in a smaller and weaker conference but when they get the opportunity to play against powerhouse football programs, they tend to shine.

    Here the top 10 reasons that Boise State will be playing this year for the BCS title.

No. 10: Boise Can Run the Table

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    Boise State's biggest game came against the University of Georgia. From there on, they have had a pretty easy ride through their schedule and conference.

    They hit a stumbling block against Air Force, but were able to pull out the victory. If Boise can continue dominating their schedule, the BCS will recognize Boise as a legit contender as opposed to teams with one or two losses.

No. 9: Previous Years with Boise State

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    Over this past decade, Boise State has grown to be one of the most consistent and successful football programs in the nation. In a location and conference where not much love is given, Boise has requested respect.

    Boise has grabbed wins against the likes of Virginia Tech, Oklahoma and Georgia. Over the years they have beaten big programs on big-time stages. Boise State's success might signal to the BCS that the Broncos deserve their shot at the national championship.

No. 8: Boise's Critics

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    Boise State has a lot of critics. The main reason that most people are against Boise is because of their weak conference and they are able to dominate it every year. Boise has proven on a year-to-year basis that they can beat a big-name program even if it is the beginning of the year.

    If Boise can run the table again, maybe the critics will realize that Boise is a legitimate contender and that they should give the Broncos the respect they deserve.

No. 7: Heisman Candidate Kellen Moore

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    Kellen Moore is a special player. He can manage a game, lead a potent offense and make every type of throw. He is the type of quarterback that you need to be successful at any level.

    If Moore can continue the season he is having, he could be in the Heisman Trophy talks which could propel Boise to a national championship.

No. 6: Stanford's Schedule

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    Stanford has played exceptionally well this year. Led by Andrew luck, the Cardinal are now sitting in fourth overall in the BCS standings.

    The intriguing game in Stanford's schedule is when they host Oregon. If Oregon can win, Stanford will fall behind Boise, which could move the Broncos to fourth overall in the BCS.

No. 5 : Alabama's Schedule

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    Alabama suffered a heartbreaking overtime loss to LSU this past weekend. The Crimson Tide fell to third overall in the BCS standings.

    If Alabama suffers another loss to either Auburn or Mississippi State, Boise will go up a spot as Alabama will take a massive hit in the rankings.

No. 4: Oklahoma State's Schedule

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    The Cowboys have been one of the surprise teams in 2011. They have had big wins over Texas, Texas A&M and Kansas State. Oklahoma State plays rival Oklahoma on the last weekend of their regular season.

    If the Sooners knock off Oklahoma State, Boise State will be able to move up another spot in the BCS rankings.

No. 3: LSU's Schedule

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    LSU had a huge win over Alabama this past Saturday night. The Tigers have been playing great ball all year long and have had big wins over Alabama, Oregon and Auburn.

    The one team that can pose a threat to LSU in their regular season is Arkansas. If the Razorbacks can pull the upset over LSU, the Broncos will move up a few spots as the Tigers will fall from the No. 1 spot.

No. 2: Win over Georgia

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    The win over Georgia might be the win that puts Boise State into the national championship. Ever since the loss to the Broncos, Georgia has gone 6-1 with the one loss coming by three points.

    Georgia controls their own destiny in the SEC East division. If the Bulldogs can win out, they will play LSU in the SEC championship. If Georgia can beat LSU, the Boise win over Georgia will be very meaningful to the Broncos and it will give them a legitimate win over a great team.

No. 1: The Broncos May Be the Only Undefeated Team Left

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    With all of the different scenarios given with the Top Five teams, Boise has the best road to remain undefeated.

    If the Broncos run the table and can get a little help by having Stanford, Oklahoma State, Alabama and LSU receive a loss, there should be no reason that the Broncos are playing in the national championship game this year.