The Best College Football Coaching Staff Not Currently Working

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIMarch 30, 2017

The Best College Football Coaching Staff Not Currently Working

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    Imagine if your college had been given a ton of money and told you to find four senior coaching staff members to let you compete for a national championship in five years. The athletic director's cool with the positional coaches for the time being, so he's going to leave you with just these guys.

    The only catch is that you couldn't hire anyone in a current job.

    The four positions to fill are: head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator. 

    Here are our thoughts...

Head Coach: Urban Meyer

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    We were thinking about Jim Tressel for this job after all his success at Ohio State, but Meyer's beaten Ohio State, so we'll shut up.

    In fact, when he was coaching at Florida, he beat just about everybody and turned Tim Tebow into something of an NFL quarterback (in the loosest possible term).

    When Meyer was at Florida, the Gators went from a post-Spurrier also-ran (under Ron Zook) back to a superpower, winning two national titles and two SEC titles. That's frightening work in five seasons. 

    We're going to go with the fact that he's had his vacation with ESPN, and he'll be ready and willing to get back to coaching. We've also got a ton of change for therapists, too.

Offensive Coordinator: Mike Leach

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    If Les Miles is the Mad Hatter, then Mike Leach is the March Hare. There hasn't been a bigger character in college football from a guy who can do an offense on a scrap of paper and beat you with it, too—just ask Texas in 2008.

    And if Urban Meyer turned around a program, then what did Mike Leach do at Texas Tech? He only had a winning season every year at Texas Tech.

    Is he good at recruiting? If you consider that Michael Crabtree's having quite a career so far in the NFL— despite having an awful quarterback—then yes. 

    Quarterbacks and wide receivers would love to play for Meyer and Leach, because they'd put you on ESPN.

    And as for ESPN, we know about Leach's well-documented problems with "The Worldwide Leader In Sports," but everyone should be able to forgive, shouldn't they?

Defensive Coordinator: Butch Davis

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    Recruiting scandals aside, Butch Davis is still one hell of a coach.

    And thanks to his NFL training as a defensive coordinator (plus all the players from the University of Miami who went to the NFL who play on D), you can be guaranteed that his players would be itching to play.

    The amount of talent he recruited for UNC during his short stay there was remarkable, and he'll help to get some of the best defenders out there.

Recruiting Coordinator: Mike Stoops

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    Not only would he be able to help coach Leach on offense, but Mike Stoops is one of the best recruiters in the land. Why in the hell WOULDN'T you hire him?

    Plus, since he's not in charge of the program, he won't fall on his face like he did in Arizona. And my, was that quite a fall...