The 25 Loudest Stadiums in College Football

Randy ChambersAnalyst INovember 5, 2011

The 25 Loudest Stadiums in College Football

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    Every sport has great fans, but there are no fans like the ones that cheer at college football games. Students that have went to the school and fans that just happen to like the school are about as passionate as they come.

    College football stadiums really have that 12th man that helps the home team and causes fits for the opposing team.

    But of course, some stadiums are much louder than others.

    Here are the top 25 loudest college football stadiums in America.


Bronco Stadium

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    You can talk about the Broncos' weak schedule they play every season, but you can't deny the fact they have a great fanbase. It's hard to wake up for games on a Tuesday or Thursday and watch a game against Colorado State or UNLV, but the Broncos' fans make it happen.

    Sure, the stadium only holds 33,500 people, but some of the credit of five double-digit winning seasons (possibly six) in a row has to go to the fans.

    Not to mention, the blue field also adds a little bit of intimidation to playing in Boise.

Faurot Field

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    Every season the Tigers seem to knock off a quality opponent at home, and this year it happened to be national championship contender Oklahoma. 

    Faurot Field is the second-largest stadium in the state of Missouri, as it holds over 71,000 people.  There's plenty of reasons the SEC wouldn't mind having the Tigers in their conference and one of them is the fact they already have a huge stadium with rowdy fans.

Williams-Brice Stadium

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    The home of the Gamecocks is the 20th-largest college football stadium in the country, as it holds over 80,000 people. The Cockpit is also not finished growing, as there are plans to add on and raise the capacity to around 88,000 people.

    Although South Carolina hasn't done much in the SEC over the last few years, they still have one of the best fanbases and loudest stadiums in the country.

Carrier Dome

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    The Carrier Dome is the largest dome stadium in all of college sports, and since nearly 50,000 people are in a closed space, it gets pretty loud.

    This stadium is such a home-field advantage that Syracuse hosts the majority of its sports in it.

    Head coach Doug Marrone is trying to turn this football program around and he already has the stadium and the fans to help him.

Bryant–Denny Stadium

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    The Crimson Tide's stadium will have a reason to get loud this weekend, as they host the LSU Tigers in the biggest game of the year. Overall, Alabama's stadium is loud because it does hold over 100,000 people, but it could be louder if it wasn't for the way it was built.

    It is still the second-largest stadium in the SEC and one of the most intimidating places to play in the country. 

Jordan–Hare Stadium

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    All you have to do is look at the picture to see Auburn fans are serious.

    Auburn has the 12th-largest stadium in the NCAA, as it holds over 87,000 people. Playing a talented Auburn team is always a tough task, but when you have that many screaming fans, it becomes even more difficult.

    Watch the Tigers last regular-season game this year against Alabama if you don't think this crowd will get nasty.

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

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    Not only does Oklahoma have a great team and a great coach, as they are always in the national championship conversation, but the Sooners also have one of the loudest stadiums in the country that holds over 80,000 people.

    When you have that many people and a great team that scores a ton of points, there's plenty of reasons to cheer.

Texas Memorial Stadium

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    Texas Memorial Stadium holds over 100,000 people, making it the largest stadium by seating capacity in the state. The stadium has been renovated several times over the years and regardless, the fans keep on coming to cheer on their team.

    Playing in Texas is always a difficult task, no matter how the Longhorns' program is doing.

Spartan Stadium

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    Spartan Stadium holds 75,000 people and provides a lot of noise and a lot of traditions. The Spartan Walk, 300 and the third-quarter cheer are all things to help get the crowd into it.

    As you've already seen this season, the fans have helped lead the Spartans back to several comeback victories.

Doak Campbell Stadium

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    Bobby Bowden may have left the program, and Florida State may still be a couple of years away from being where they used to be, but the fans remain the same. Doak Campbell Stadium holds over 80,000 people, making it the largest stadium in the ACC.

    There are very few states that love their football as much as Florida does, and anytime visiting teams head to Tallahassee, they know they're in for a battle.

Mountaineer Field

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    If you saw the LSU game earlier this season, you would know that West Virginia has one of the loudest stadiums in the country. You wouldn't think that it only holds 60,000 people, because it seems much louder than that.

    Morgantown is one of the toughest places to play, and that's why conferences like the Big 12 wouldn't mind having them join their conference.

Kinnick Stadium

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    The Hawkeyes may not earn the same respect that other teams do in the Big Ten, but their fans are just as loud and loyal as anyone else in the country. On game day, they can pack over 70,000 people to help cheer on their team.

    It may only be the seventh-largest stadium in the Big Ten, but it packs a much louder punch than the rest of them.

Kyle Field

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    You know Kyle Field had to make this list because if their crowd wasn't loud enough, the SEC wouldn't have accepted them into their conference. Kyle Field can compete with any stadium in the SEC, especially since it holds over 83,000 people and is the 13th largest-stadium in the NCAA.

    Hopefully their football team can compete as well.

Michigan Stadium

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    There was no way you can leave the Big House off a list like this. The stadium holds several attendance records, as it holds over 110,000 people.

    It's the third-largest stadium in the world and when it's full, it often matches the city's total population.

    With all of those people in one place and exciting players like Denard Robinson on the field, you have a deadly combination for crowd noise.

LA Memorial

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    LA Memorial has hosted almost everything and is the only stadium in the country to have hosted the Olympic Games twice.

    But when the Trojans are playing, you can promise the crowd will be loud and ready to cheer on their team, as they expect nothing less than perfection.

    The stadium was declared a National Historic Landmark in the '80s.

Sanford Stadium

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    Sanford Stadium is the seventh-largest in all of college sports, as it holds over 92,000 people. So, if opposing teams didn't have enough to worry about with the talent that is on the Bulldogs team, they have the fans as well.

    Georgia almost always has a consistent program that ends up in the Top 25. The fans deserve some of the credit for that.

Lane Stadium

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    The Virginia Tech Hokies have by far the best entrance of any football team, and once that music comes on, you know it's about to get loud. It may only hold 66,000 people, but when you play in Blackburg, you know it's going to be tough to leave with a victory.

    Tech fans should always have their keys out because they are a key reason for their success.

Memorial Stadium Clemson

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    As soon as those players touch Howards Rock and begin to run down that hill, you can feel the ground shake as 80,000-plus begin to scream at the top of their lungs.

    Clemson by far has one of the best home-field advantages in college football, and their 71 percent winning percentage at home shows that.

    There is no other place like it.

Camp Randall

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    You have to love Camp Randall Stadium, as the fans and traditions are like no other. Not only does it hold over 80,000 people, but the fifth quarter, jump around and the wave are something you can't get anywhere else.

    It's the fifth-largest stadium in the Big Ten, and the fans let you hear it the whole game while having a great time.

Neyland Stadium

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    Tennessee may be going through a down year right now with their young team, but that doesn't stop the fans from coming and annoying the opposing team. Also known as "Rocky Top," Neyland Stadium holds over 100,000 people and is always considered one of the loudest stadiums in the country.

    It doesn't matter how the Volunteers are performing year in and year out. You can always guarantee that the crowd will be loud when you visit Tennessee.

Happy Valley

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    All of the traditions at Beaver Stadium helps contribute to the crowd noise, from the tailgating to the whiteout games, all the way down to the tunnel entrance. Did I forget to mention that it also holds over 105,000 people and is the fourth-largest stadium in the world?

    Hopefully the Nittany Lions can continue to get back to where they used to be, because the fans deserve it.

The Autzen Zoo

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    A place that is refereed to as a zoo has to be crazy.

    This stadium may be small compared to the others, but it's still one of the loudest in the country. It only holds 54,000 people, but the way the stadium is built helps provide a ton of crowd noise.

    Former California running back Jahvid Best had this to say about Oregon and the crowd noise: "The biggest thing I remember about that game is the crowd. The crowd noise is crazy up there. Honestly, any other away game I don't really even hear the crowd. Oregon was the only place where it really got on my nerves."

    Need I say more?

The Swamp

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    Ben Hill Griffin Stadium allows the fans to be close to the action, and the stadium is built below ground level. Those are reasons this stadium provides one of the best home-field advantages in the country. Not to mention, it often exceeds a crowd of 90,000 people.

    Regardless if the Gators are struggling or not, teams don't want to take a trip to the Swap.

The Horseshoe

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    The Buckeyes may be struggling this season, but just ask Wisconsin how difficult it is to win in Ohio Stadium. Also known as the Horseshoe, it holds over 102,000 people and it gets extremely difficult to concentrate if you're an opposing team.

    It's the fourth-largest football stadium in the country and visiting teams know it when they arrive there.

Death Valley

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    There is a reason they call Tiger Stadium "Death Valley," and that's because the visiting team loses the majority of the team when they visit. It's one of the most difficult places to play in the country, especially at night where the Tigers rarely lose.

    It holds over 92,000 people and is considered by many to have one of the best college football atmospheres in the country.

    They definitely have something to cheer about this year.


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