Maryland Football Uniforms: Latest Unis a Perfect Blend of Style and Substance

Eric Ball@@BigLeagueEballFeatured ColumnistNovember 2, 2011

Ready for your weekly review of the latest Maryland uniforms?

The team may be in the midst of an incredibly disappointing 2-6 campaign, but they are second in the nation behind Oregon when it comes to looking stylish on the field.

Every week they have a new look to lose in.

Head coach Randy Edsall tweeted the new look for this weeks game against rival Virginia with this note:

Captains decided we'll wear red jerseys and white pants with our white turtle shell helmets this week.

So do you mean the captains or the executives at Under Armour?

Regardless of who made the final decision, this is a uniform to keep.

The uniform is bright red with the lettering on the numbers a really cool mix of white, and black with a yellow outline. A small black line that goes over the shoulders completes this fresh look. The all-white pants and the red sock aren’t incredibly over the top, but have a subtle look to them that makes this my favorite look of the year.

Sometimes less is more.

With the turtle shell helmet on the top—how can you not like these?

Maybe that’s been the problem in Maryland’s anemic start in Edsall’s first year.

The old phrase “look good, feel good” may ring true with the Terps. Social media destroyed the highly controversial uniforms against Miami on opening night, but all of the players loved the look. They pulled off the upset and looked like a potential contender in the ACC.

A few bad uniforms later and the Terps are now 2-6 and heading to yet another year without a bowl game.

I’m calling it now: the Terps are going to beat Virginia because of their uniforms.

Or maybe because QB Danny O’Brian finally starts playing like the way he did against Miami. Either way, the Terps are long overdue for a win and these jerseys certainly won’t hurt their cause.

I give them a 10 out of 10. 


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