LSU, Alabama and the Future of the Remaining Undefeated in College Football

Todd Salem@@sportspinataContributor IIIOctober 31, 2011

LSU, Alabama and the Future of the Remaining Undefeated in College Football

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    A look into College Football’s loss-less schools: 

    There remain six teams in the country who have yet to lose a football game. The ranks of the unbeaten have slimmed considerably in recent weeks, after Oklahoma and Wisconsin took tumbles followed by Kansas State and Clemson.

    So, which of the six schools will remain undefeated? Lets take a closer look.

No. 13: Houston

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    Remaining schedule- at UAB, at Tulane, SMU, at Tulsa

    Date to expect first loss- N/A

    Losses at end of season- zero

    With the very best passing and scoring offense in the nation, there appears no one on Houston’s remaining schedule who should trip them up, with the possible exception of playing at Tulsa.

    This undefeated season while nice, is not really all that impressive though and will result in no BCS controversy. There may be some Heisman controversy surrounding Case Keenum however, if he is not selected to attend the ceremony. Especially since a player with the best numbers should crack the top five.

No. 5: Boise State

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    Remaining schedule- at UNLV, TCU, at San Diego State, Wyoming, New Mexico

    Date to expect first loss- N/A

    Losses at end of season- zero

    Much like Houston, there is not a team on Boise’s schedule who will beat them.

    Boise will be sure to create much BCS controversy when they end the season with no losses, but are left out of the National Championship game yet again, which will most assuredly happen. With such a weak schedule, it even seems conceivable that a one loss team from a major conference could hop the Blue-Turfers in the BCS rankings.

No. 4: Stanford

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    Remaining schedule- at Oregon State, Oregon, Cal, Notre Dame

    Date to expect first loss- Nov. 26

    Losses at end of season- one

    Well USC made it close, did they not? Stanford almost joined the first paragraph of this post rather than the body with their triple overtime victory over the Trojans early Sunday morning.

    The Cardinal still have a tough schedule remaining, making an undefeated season unlikely. The question is: Who will they lose to? I see a win at home against Oregon clinching a trip to the Pac-12 title game for Stanford.

    However, perhaps looking ahead to future contests or taking a once proud university for granted, they get tripped up against Notre Dame on the final day of the regular season.

No. 3: Oklahoma State

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    Remaining schedule- Kansas State, at Texas Tech, at Iowa State, Oklahoma

    Date to expect first loss- Nov. 5

    Losses at end of season- two

    Oklahoma was undefeated until Texas Tech took them down. The following Saturday, the Sooners then ended Kansas State’s unbeaten season. And now, Kansas State is ready to play Oklahoma State, the last team with a spotless record in the conference.

    If Kansas State takes down the Cowboys, look for Oklahoma to do likewise in their final game, souring an otherwise tremendous Oklahoma State season and relegating them to one of the other bowl games.

No. 2: Alabama

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    Remaining schedule- LSU, at Mississippi State, Georgia Southern, at Auburn

    Date to expect first loss- N/A

    Losses at end of season- zero

    Alabama feels like the better of the two this coming Saturday. They have a better running back, more level-headed head coach, just as competent a quarterback and just as tremendous of a defense. This is really splitting hairs as Alabama and LSU almost seem like mirror images of each other however, one has to lose. Neither team is likely to lose again after this matchup, but both cannot go undefeated thanks to the scheduling gods.

    Alabama will win next Saturday and win every game after that, cruising to the championship game in the process.

No. 1: LSU

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    Remaining schedule- at Alabama, Western Kentucky, at Ole Miss, Arkansas

    Date to expect first loss- Nov. 5

    Losses at end of season- one

    Whereas Alabama gives me a solid, best team in the country feeling, LSU gives off a little hesitancy. This has nothing to do with their play thus far though, which has been spectacular.

    Maybe it is Les Miles, maybe it’s the quarterback controversy/substitution pattern and maybe it’s the suspension of their best player last week. Assuming Tyrann Mathieu plays next Saturday, there should be no talent lost, but it simply feels like LSU is not quite as good as Alabama. If that is the case, they will end the season with just one loss as they are certainly quite as good as Arkansas, who they play to end the year.