Can Percy Come out and Play? Harvin's Return for Championship a Coup for Gators

Charles AsburyContributor IDecember 9, 2008

The word is out: Florida Gator Percy Harvin will play in the BCS national championship against Oklahoma.

A healthy Harvin will, of course, have a tremendous impact on the outcome of the big game. Many people focus on his raw explosive talent, and they should, but the biggest aspect of a healthy Harvin might just be his ability to draw attention as a decoy. Tim Tebow and the Gators can win the championship without getting the ball to the talented wide receiver one single time.

Florida truly did miss Harvin in the SEC championship game. Heck, it might of been 41-20 if he was playing. But, as we saw in that game, the Gators have an arsenal of offensive weapons always on standby.

No team can afford to shun the likes of Tebow, Jeffrey Demps, and Chris Rainey. And how can you come up with an effective game plan that realistically covers those guys and then Riley Cooper, David Nelson, Brandon James, and Emmanuel James, as well? The answer is you probably can’t!

I would like to throw another nuke at you while we’re talking great players; his name is Aaron Hernandez. This guy is off the charts with talent. If there is one guy that the Sooners should watch, it’s Hernandez.

Of course, any great coach like Bob Stoops will naturally try and formulate some plan to contain the highly potent Gators. Truthfully, I’d rather be in Urban Meyer's shoes because Florida has the ability to get you off-balance and then knock you out. Sometimes all you can do is try and hold on like some tired boxer getting beat down in the corner while the crowd yells..."knock em out, knock em out." Yeah, the Gators do float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Now back to Harvin, who might be the most entertaining college football player ever to play at the University of Florida. Nobody gets the fans out of their seats like this guy. He has the ability to make tacklers look silly with his nasty jukes; as they try and bring him down, then he turns on the jets and is gone. I mean, GONE! Just like coach Meyer has said many times this year, Harvin has the best first step in college football. And second step, and third step, get the picture.

So will they get him the ball? I think we all know that answer. Of course they will! Some coach up in the box, high above the playing field, will see some situation developing each and every play, until the call is made.

The obvious conversation will go something like this. “It’s time.” That’s all that he will need to say. “It’s time.” And the next play, Tebow will be looking downfield for the Heisman that could've been. If those two hook up, watch out, because “he-could-go-all-the-way!!!”

Coach Stoops has his hands full the next couple of weeks trying to come up with some sort of plan to deal with the feisty Florida bunch, but his hardest job of all will be trying to sell it to his own team. If those Sooner players watched any Gator games this year, or ESPN highlights, they must be reeling with anxiety at this point.

But, if there is one team that can possibly upset the Gators, it’s the Sooners. Why? Because Bob Stoops used to be the defensive coordinator for the Florida Gators. Just thought I’d throw that out there! Whatever the outcome, the national championship will no doubt be one heck of a shootout.