Boise State Football: Games Bronco Fans Need To Watch During the BSU Bye Week

Chad ScottCorrespondent IIOctober 26, 2011

Boise State Football: Games Bronco Fans Need To Watch During the BSU Bye Week

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    No. 4 Boise State has yet another bye on Saturday so Bronco fans are left to fulfill their football needs with other teams. As we all know, Boise State does not control its own destiny and watching Michigan State defeat Wisconsin and Texas Tech upset Oklahoma was almost as good as watching our Broncos win. 

    Those wins definitely helped Boise State's prospects at becoming the BCS national champion but it wasn't enough. There are teams that Bronco fans need to see upset and there are still others that need to improve to help out Boise State's mystical strength-of-schedule rating.

    So don't think your Saturday is freed up just because Boise State is taking a break, because you need to keep an eye on these games since they matter in the Broncos' BCS bowl run.

Tennessee vs. South Carolina

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    Why You Should Watch the Game

    Boise State seems to be the only team in the country that finds itself in this situation. The Broncos beat a team that also lost to another team, but now needs that team to lose, so the team the Broncos originally beat can move up into position to win its division. Phew. 

    Basically, Boise State beat Georgia, then South Carolina beat Georgia the very next week. Well since then, Georgia has been doing very well and has crept back into the Top 25. Now all they need to do to make Boise State's case better is to win the SEC East and maybe, in some wild way, win the SEC. Who stands in their way right now?

    South Carolina.

    Since South Carolina has the head-to-head with Georgia, if they both only have one loss, South Carolina wins the division. To fix that problem, Boise State needs to see a two-loss South Carolina by the end of the night. 

    What Needs To Happen

    South Carolina needs to lose so Georgia can take over the No. 1 spot in the SEC East.

    Why It Could Happen

    Losing Stephen Garcia was a slight detriment to the team even though he wasn't performing as expected, but losing Marcus Lattimore may be the death blow for this team. Tennessee actually has a good chance at winning this game especially at home. 

    Give it your all Tennessee!

Florida vs. Georgia

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    Why You Should Watch the Game

    The last slide is all for naught if Georgia loses, because that hurts the Broncos in two ways. The first is obviously that Georgia drops out of the Top 25 and once again Boise State has no wins against currently ranked opponents.

    I know Stanford doesn't either but I guess the rules are different for them. 

    Anyway, the second way it hurts BSU is that another loss in the SEC East is all it takes for Georgia to be left out of the SEC championship unless South Carolina loses two more games—which could happen given their current situation, but we don't want to take the chance.

    What Needs To Happen

    Georgia beats Florida.

    Why It Could Happen

    Florida is no slouch as their only losses have come against ranked teams. Well, it just so happens the Bulldogs are once again ranked. Both Murray and Crowell are beginning to play very well and though both teams have virtually no quality wins, Georgia's total performance has been better than Florida's. The only setback is the Bulldogs have to travel to the Swamp.

    Go Dawgs!


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    Why You Should Watch the Game

    In a perfect world, TCU would be undefeated right now barreling towards a Nov. 12th matchup with Boise State. However, TCU has now lost two games and has fallen off the radar. Unfortunately, Boise State needs another credible team on its schedule other than Georgia who, thankfully, recently returned to the Top 25. 

    What Needs To Happen

    TCU needs to beat BYU by at least 21 to become relevant again and to peak into the Top 25 before facing Boise State.

    Why It Can Happen

    TCU's offense has come to life in an explosion of points. Since losing to SMU in overtime two games ago, the Horned Frogs have amassed 96 points to just 14 from their opponents.

    BYU has also won its share of games over the past few weeks but none of them have been against quality opponents and they have even lost to the a struggling Utah team. Other than crushing Idaho State, BYU really hasn't been impressive at all. TCU should be the favorite in this game but the Horned Frogs need to win big.

    Give 'em hell, TCU.

Kansas State vs. Oklahoma

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    Why You Should Watch the Game

    Pitting one of the biggest dark horses in the country as they continue to be successful against a perennial powerhouse that fell in epic fashion last week will make for a very interesting game. Kansas State has been on a tear this season and no one expected them to be in the Top 25 let alone the Top 10, but that is the way of college football. 

    The problem is if they continue on this path, they will likely pass Boise State and that can't happen. Oklahoma is one of four teams on the Wildcats' schedule that can beat them but we might as well just get it out of the way now.  

    What Needs To Happen

    The Sooners to dust themselves off and beat Kansas State.

    Why It Will Happen

    Quite frankly, I thought Oklahoma was a bit overrated but I also believe that Texas Tech came down with a win despite if they play that game nine more times, Oklahoma walks away with nine victories. 

    With that being said, I look at Kansas State with a bit of skepticism as Kansas State's wins have neither been impressive nor have they been against good competition. I believe the very angry Sooners, who have proven they can beat quality teams, will expose Kansas State.

    Though it pains me to say it: Boomer Sooner!

USC vs. Stanford

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    Why You Should Watch the Game

    Stanford and their Heisman front-runner have been creeping up on the Broncos all season and will probably pass them if they defeat USC. A Stanford win also means Andrew Luck will continue to keep Kellen Moore at bay in the Heisman race, so a loss here will kill two birds with one stone for the Broncos.

    What Needs To Happen

    USC returns to dominance and defeats Stanford.

    Why It Will Happen

    Stanford has not played anybody that could remotely test them this season and I think USC will be the first game they will struggle with. Washington did peak in at No. 25 before losing to Stanford but the Cardinal have not played a currently ranked team this year.

    Stanford will rely heavily on Andrew Luck and if USC can lock him down, then the Trojans will control the game. I do expect this to be a high-scoring game but I think Stanford may be in for a surprise. Stanford has a good defense though, so if the Cardinal do not fall, they still face Oregon down the road.  

    Fight on!

Georgia Tech vs. Clemson

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    Why You Should Watch the Game

    Outside of the winner of the LSU/Alabama game, Clemson is the only BCS team that I can see continuing to go undefeated throughout the remainder of the season. I think their path to the BCS National Championship is clearer than Stanford's and Oklahoma State's. 

    It is because of that Boise State fans should be worried. Clemson will eventually jump Boise State if they continue to win games.

    What Needs To Happen

    Clemson needs to end its surprising run and lose to Georgia Tech.

    Why It Will Happen

    Georgia Tech started the season out very strong and looked like they could be a contender in the ACC but since then have fallen off the map. The triple-option can be very tricky when it is clicking and after two losses, Georgia Tech will be looking to put one up in the win column.

    The Yellow Jackets are undefeated at home and I believe they may just be able to upset Clemson and if they don't, the Broncos' last hope is a loss to South Carolina since it is doubtful that Clemson loses the ACC championship.

    Go Georgia Tech, beat "Clempson."

Oklahoma State vs. Baylor

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    Why You Should Watch the Game

    Much like when Texas Tech beat Oklahoma, this game has upset potential written all over it and obviously with Oklahoma State being one of only three teams ahead of the Broncos, this game may just be the only game that you absolutely have to watch on Saturday.

    What Needs To Happen

    Baylor must upset Oklahoma State while on the road. 

    Why It Could Happen

    Robert Griffin III is one of the best quarterbacks in the country as he has single-handedly carried his team through four wins. His only losses came from an undefeated Kansas State and a very good Texas A&M team. 

    If Baylor comes out of the locker room firing on all cylinders they will put up a lot of points as Oklahoma State is not known for its defense. However, neither is Baylor by a long shot, but who knows? Stranger things have happened. Oklahoma can attest to that.

    Sic 'em, Bears!