Ranking the Greatest All-Time Traditions in Ohio State Football History

Martha CoppCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2011

Ranking the Greatest All-Time Traditions in Ohio State Football History

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    College football isn't just about the 60 minutes that are being played. There are a myriad of factors that make attending a football game unique: the fans, the mascot, the atmosphere.

    Ohio State is undoubtedly one of the richest programs in college football. 

    Now that we are in the thrall of football season, it's time to take a look at which traditions make Ohio State football so special.

No. 5 Ringing of the Victory Bell

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    Since 1954, Buckeye fans can hear the chimes of the victory bell after every Ohio State win. The bell rings for at least 15 minutes, and sometimes longer after a victory over Michigan. 

    Given by the classes of 1943-1945, members of the Alpha Pi Omega fraternity have been ringing the bell for over fifty years.

    On a clear day, the bell can be heard up to five miles away. 

No. 4 Buckeye Leaves on Helmets

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    When Ohio State switched to the silver helmets in 1967, coaches looked for a way to adorn the headgear and praise the players at the same time.

    Consequently, the Buckeye leaf sticker was born.

    A well-known tradition, the Buckeye leaf sticker is awarded to players for key plays, outstanding performances, and leadership abilities. Players can earn stickers after every game, and the coaching staff takes great pride in deciding whose helmet is worthy of bearing such a strong tradition. 

No. 3 Block O Student Section

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    With more than 2500 general members, Ohio State's "Block O" student section is one of the best organizations in college football.

    Though represented at all of the university's varsity sports, Block O is the most prevalent at the football games. Sitting in the end zone, this eighty year old student organization can be seen cheering on the team and creating infamous images using colored cards and capes.

No. 2 Singing "Carmen Ohio" Post-Game

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    Summer's heat or winter's cold,

    The seasons pass, the years will roll.

    Time and change will surely show

    How firm thy friendship O-HI-O.

    The lyrics of Ohio State's alma mater can be heard after every home football game. One of the most heralded traditions in college football, OSU showcases its pride and excellence by singing its school song. 

    Used since 1906, football players and fans stay after the game to sing. Accompanied by the Ohio State marching band, one can watch 107,000 people create an unbreakable bond.

    Win or lose, "Carmen Ohio" is sang.

    How firm thy friendship, indeed. 

No. 1 Mirror Lake Jumping

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    For as long as students can remember, there has been one tradition that sums up the entire football season: the annual Mirror Lake jump.

    On the Thursday night before the Ohio State vs. Michigan game (or Tuesday, depending on when Thanksgiving falls), hundreds of students brave frigid temperatures to shed their clothes and jump in the school's lake.

    As a result, there are more cases of hypothermia reported at the campus' local hospital than any other day of the year. 

    Bathing suits. Canoes. The ghost of Woody Hayes—does it get any better than this?