On the Mark: BCS Still Didn't Get Everything Right

Mark KriegelCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2008

Oklahoma's presence in the championship game proves more than the value of running up the score. The pairing with Florida is right and just and potentially thrilling, pitting the two best teams from the season's two best conferences, not to mention the two best quarterbacks.

The BCS selection committee, those fair-minded custodians of student athletics, actually got one right. Well, so what? Don't let the title game fool you.

It doesn't make up for the disgraceful array of bowl games offered under the committee's auspices.

College sports, in particular, are supposed to bear some relation to merit. But tell me, where's the merit in an Orange Bowl featuring Cincinnati and Virginia Tech?

That's a No. 12 versus a No. 19. The Hokies, who get an undeserved consideration as representatives of the ACC, have four losses. Four. That's not fit for a New Year's Day bowl. At least it shouldn't be. That should be a game sponsored by, say, one of these fugazy mortgage companies.

A Sugar Bowl with Alabama and Utah? Nothing against Utah, but Texas and USC are ranked higher. And by the way, it's not the rating system that's corrupt. It's the bowl system. Computers aren't dishonest. They don't have agendas, and the worst of them is less fallible than the expense-account hacks and chamber of commerce types who run these bowls.

Take the Fiesta Bowl. For those who wish they still threw humans to lions, there's Ohio State being thrown to Texas.

Two questions here. First, how did the two-loss Buckeyes get in over no-loss Boise State? Second, how did Jim Tressel get candids of Myles Brand?

For the sake of both argument and tradition, I'll accept Penn State-USC without complaint. It's not a bad Rose Bowl. But again, so what? That makes the BCS two for five this year. That shouldn't be acceptable, especially when you consider that this shady system, like most shady systems, is perpetuated at taxpayer expense.

You want to get angrier? It's worth re-reading a piece that ran last Chistmas in the Orange County Register. According to the paper, "seven tax exempt bowl organizations received $21.6 million in government funding between 2001 and 2005."

William Rhoden of the New York Timeshas a good idea: College presidents, conference commissioners and BCS people should get together with somebody from the White House and come up with a playoff system. If not, Rhoden argues, the bowls should lose their tax-exempt status.

My idea is even better, though: The tax-exempt status goes no matter what. Public benefits for corporate-sponsored events have no place in the best of times. But now they're obscene. If you can't help the auto workers, you shouldn't be subsidizing the Fiesta Bowl.

The President-elect should understand. He wants a new system. But the BCS still needs an incentive to negotiate one. So here it is, straight from the executive branch: Either these bowl committees come up with a playoff, or each one of them faces an IRS investigation.

On the Mark

Don't besmirch Elisha Cuthbert. Don't everbesmirch Elisha Cuthbert. (MJ Kim / Getty Imag

McNabb's a bum. De La Hoya by TKO. I'm just glad I held off on that Subway Super Bowl column.

This might be Brett Favre's first season in New York, but he already seems to have a firm grasp on Jets Tradition, knowing that the annual December Collapse starts around Thanksgiving.

Seems kind of silly for a sport aptly described as Bar Fighting on Ice to punish a guy for saying "sloppy seconds." That said, Sean Avery is a bigger attention-seeking diva than any of the starlets he dates.

A statue of De La Hoya at the Staples Center? I don't get it.

If anyone should've erected such a monument, it was the cable operators.

Forget the record and the titles. Oscar's real legacy is $624 million in pay-per-view revenues. And that was before the Pacquiao fight.

By the way, don't hate De La Hoya for getting old at 35. Respect Bernard Hopkins for still kicking ass at 43.

Next, consider the case of their partner at Golden Boy Promotions.

After it was learned that he used the illicit blood-booster EPO in his rematch with De La Hoya, the world's third-ranked welterweight should change his name to Shame Mosley.

Admit it. There's an eery resemblance. ( / Getty Images)

Sad to see Sunny Von Bulow pass away after 28 years in a vegetative state. Scientists believe that Al Davis is now the world's longest-living coma victim.

The State of Nevada finally did something the NCAA has refused to do for years: punish a USC running back.

I don't know if Tim Tebow is revolutionizing the position, just that he's bigger and faster than Ray Lewis.

All these geniuses on Capitol Hill and not one of them has come up with an idea as smart as the Daily News' Tim Smith:

Make the oil companies bail out the car companies.

I'm told he came up with the idea at Hatton-Malignaggi. It might be the smartest thing ever said in a press room.

And it didn't even have anything to do with food.

Makes sense for Kevin McHaleto coach the Timberwolves. I mean, after trading Kevin Garnett and Brandon Roy, it seems like a fair enough punishment.

By the way, for those keeping score at home, here are McHale's first-round draft picks since Garnett: Ray Allen (traded for the rights to Stephon Marbury), Paul Grant, Rasho Nesterovic, William Avery, Wally Szczerbiak, Ndudi Ebi, Rashad McCants, Roy (traded for Randy Foye), Corey Brewer, and O.J. Mayo (traded for Kevin Love).

Isiah Thomas could've done better.

Last thing I see, as I'm checking out at the MGM Grand, is a guy wearing O.J.'s Buffalo Bills jersey.

And I'm wondering if the state already auctioned it off.

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