BCS Rankings: 5 Darkhorse Teams Contending for a BCS Title Game Berth

Jayson LoveCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2011

BCS Rankings: 5 Darkhorse Teams Contending for a BCS Title Game Berth

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    All year we have heard about LSU and Alabama. Their showdown in two weeks has been discussed to the point of nausea, but in all seriousness, the game represents an opportunity for a team that is not currently in the BCS title conversation to vault itself into contention.

    With the teams who have obviously looked best all year playing a de facto playoff game, it opens the door for these five dark horses to play their way into the title game.

    Will this be the year Boise State finally gets their shot? Does Stanford have a chance to win the title? Is Oklahoma done after its loss over the weekend?

    Who else has a chance at the title game?

    This is shaping up to be a barn-burning last month of the college football season. 

    Without further delay, here are five teams that could play themselves into the title game if things break right...

5. Stanford

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    The only reason they aren't higher on this list is because it is hard to be a "dark horse" when you have the nation's best player in Andrew Luck.

    Stanford, however, has steadily gone about their business, navigating their way to a 5-0 conference record and a 7-0 record overall.

    They have games remaining with Oregon, USC and Notre Dame, and will definitely benefit when either LSU or Alabama loses on November 5th.

    If they go undefeated, it would be tough to keep this team out of the championship game, particularly when you figure that it will be an opportunity to showcase Andrew Luck's talent.

4. Oklahoma State

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    OK State has gone undefeated thus far this season, and will have a late season matchup with Oklahoma, which now finds itself outside the national championship picture.

    If they run the table and Stanford stumbles, OK State will find itself in the Super Dome.

3. Clemson

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    Yeah, I know, they are Clemson.

    Everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop, particularly, Clemson fans themselves. It almost came last week when the Tigers trailed Maryland by double digits.

    Clemson however, came from behind and beat the Terps running away.

    This weekend, the Tigers whipped the UNC Tar Heels 59-38. A glance at the schedule shows that Clemson has a real shot at being undefeated going into its season finale against South Carolina.

    If there is a little stumbling up top, and if Clemson can win its conference championship game, could an undefeated Clemson find itself in the championship game?

2. Boise State

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    They are undefeated, as usual. They haven't played anybody, as usual, but also as usual, they find themselves ranked in the top five.

    We have already seen Oklahoma go down. We know between LSU and Alabama someone will lose, which leaves a spot open in the title game.

    Stanford can very well lose to Oregon, and OK State may lose to Oklahoma. Should Boise go undefeated, is this the year in which they'll play for the championship?

1. Oklahoma

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    Oklahoma has gone from being amongst the favorites to one of the dark horses. But with a little help, Oklahoma can play themselves back into the title picture.

    As mentioned, either LSU or Alabama will lose. Oklahoma has a chance to impress with games against Kansas State and Texas A&M.

    Oklahoma State may be undefeated in the two teams' season finale, and if Oklahoma can win, they may play themselves into the title game.