BCS Rankings: 5 Teams Unworthy of Ranking in Latest AP Poll

William PenfieldCorrespondent IIOctober 23, 2011

BCS Rankings: 5 Teams Unworthy of Ranking in Latest AP Poll

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    The AP Poll was released early this afternoon and as usual, there are teams that are unworthy of their rankings. 

    Every week, whether a team is ranked too high or too low, the polls seem to get something wrong. 

    One team that seems to always be at the center of these debates is Boise State, as they play such a soft schedule. 

    Here are five teams that are unworthy of their current ranking in the latest AP Poll. 

No. 5 Boise State Broncos

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    Once again, the Boise State Broncos are ranked too high in the latest release of the AP Poll.

    The fact that they are ranked ahead of the Clemson Tigers is embarrassing to the AP's voters.

    Boise State has played one team in a BCS conference, Georgia, yet the Tigers have played and beat teams like Florida State, Auburn and Virginia Tech.

    How the Broncos received their one first-place vote is beyond me.

    The Clemson Tigers without a doubt deserve to be ranked above Boise State and for that reason alone they are not worthy of their current ranking. 

No. 4 Stanford Cardinal

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    The Stanford Cardinal are another team that is unworthy of their ranking due to the fact that the Clemson Tigers should be ranked ahead of them.

    Looking at both schools resumes, the Tigers have better wins with victories over Florida State, Auburn and Virginia Tech.

    Stanford's most impressive win came Saturday against Washington; albeit a very impressive win, overall the Tigers resume is better. 

    Don't get me wrong, Stanford is a very good team but they just don't have the caliber of wins that the Tigers have at this point in the season. 

No. 13 Nebraska Cornhuskers

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    The Nebraska Cornhuskers are ranked 13th in the newly released AP Poll despite not having a signature victory to their credit. 

    In the only game against a ranked opponent, the Cornhuskers got obliterated by Wisconsin, 48-17.

    We will find out if Nebraska is for real next week when they welcome Michigan State, fresh off a last second win over Wisconsin.

    Until then, the jury is still out on the No. 13 Nebraska Cornhuskers. 

No. 18 Houston Cougars

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    Despite being undefeated, the Houston Cougars are one of the teams in the latest AP Poll that are unworthy of their ranking.

    The 7-0 Cougars are ranked 18th in the latest polls but have yet to face any real competition. The best win on their schedule so far is a four-point victory over a brutal UCLA team in the first week of the season.

    With a good chance to go undefeated, the Cougars could continue to move up in the rankings without playing a single ranked team.

    If they can impressively beat SMU on Nov. 19 they could make some believers but until then the Cougars don't deserve to be ranked ahead of one-loss teams like USC and Penn State.

No. 25 West Virginia Mountaineers

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    For a while the West Virginia Mountaineers looked like the best team by far in the Big East, but that no longer seems the case after being blown out at the Carrier Dome by Syracuse on Friday night.

    Despite the loss, the Mountaineers remained ranked in the AP Poll while the Orange remain unranked despite having the same 5-2 record. 

    If I were the Orange, I would be pissed off at the AP voters.

    The Orange without a doubt deserve the No. 25 spot over the West Virginia Mountaineers due to the head-to-head win.