BCS Rankings: Predicting the 5 Best National Title Matchups Right Now

Colby Lanham@Colby1226Correspondent IOctober 23, 2011

BCS Rankings: Predicting the 5 Best National Title Matchups Right Now

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    Just a week removed from the first week of the BCS rankings coming into the light of the college football world, the shake-ups have already begun, starting with the upsets of No. 6 Wisconsin and No. 3 Oklahoma to Michigan State and Texas Tech, respectively.

    With two undefeated teams going down and Wisconsin's national championship hopes effectively down the drain, there are still several undefeated teams that could pose some interesting matchups for the BCS National Championship game that some may not have seen or even proposed.

Stanford vs. Clemson

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    One such matchup could pit the Pac-12's own Stanford Cardinal against the Clemson Tigers on their "Shock the World" tour.

    This matchup is made assuming that the other undefeated teams like Oklahoma State, LSU and Alabama have hiccups in these last four weeks of the season. The Cardinal and the Tigers are both in full control of their own destinies in their respective conferences, and while the Cardinals have plenty of Luck on their side with quarterback Andrew Luck, the Tigers have been the biggest surprise, with playmakers like Tajh Boyd, Sammy Watkins and Dwayne Allen.

    While this matchup may not be one in the National Championship, it could become a matchup in a different BCS Bowl.

Alabama/LSU vs. Oklahoma State

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    Imagine one of the nation's most high-powered offenses pitted against one of the nation's most aggressive, hard-nosed defenses.

    That's the kind of matchup you'll get if the Oklahoma State Cowboys are matched against the Alabama Crimson Tide. The nation's best against the nation's best at this point is not too far off from happening if both teams are able to take care of business against the likes of Oklahoma and LSU, respectively. Mike Gundy's high-powered offense, led by quarterback Branden Weeden, has yet to be stopped by anybody, and are now the dominant force of the Big 12 with Oklahoma going down.

    Alabama continues to be deadlocked with LSU for SEC dominance, and in two weeks, one of them will battle for not only the SEC, but the National Championship as well. Alabama has an underrated offense, able to pound it on the ground with Trent Richardson and through the air with Marquis Maize. On defense, they have some of the best size and speed that any defensive coordinator would love to have. LSU is similar to Alabama in these aspects, and only their matchup will determine their fate in the BCS.

Oregon vs. Oklahoma State

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    A year removed from college football's biggest stage, the Oregon Ducks, even not being undefeated, still have a chance to return, especially if the remaining undefeated teams lose and they manage to beat the Stanford Cardinal during their regular season matchup.

    The Ducks' fast-paced offense has not lost any kind of speed, and even with injuries to both LaMichael James and Darron Thomas, their offense is still one of the best to watch, and is on par with the Oklahoma State Cowboys in terms of offensive production and big play ability. Oregon still has the chance to be in the National Championship game, but they will need a little help from other teams to upset some of the top undefeated teams that have yet to fall.

Alabama/LSU vs. Oregon

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    Alabama and LSU will be one of the fan favorites to secure a bid for the National Championship. Both teams are so similar in what they have been doing this season that it's difficult to gauge who exactly will win when they square off in two weeks. But one predicted foe that they could face is, once again, the Oregon Ducks.

    The Ducks, with one loss, still have the possibility of gaining an edge over the other teams, like Clemson, Oklahoma State or Boise State, especially if they manage to lose their undefeated labels.

    Oregon's bid is dependent upon the remaining undefeated teams losing ground in the rankings. If that happens, Oregon's high-powered offense will meet a high-powered defense in the likes of LSU/Alabama. Even if Oregon can't secure the National Championship bid, it's still a very likely scenario that Oregon gets a different BCS bid against one of these two teams.