Michigan State's Wild Ending And Most Controversial Finishes Ever

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2011

Michigan State's Wild Ending And Most Controversial Finishes Ever

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    The Michigan St. Spartans defeated the Wisconsin Badgers in dramatic fashion 37-31 on a Hail Mary that was tipped and caught by former quarterback turned receiver Keith Nichol. 

    He was originally ruled down at the one-yard line.

    Upon further review, they gave him the touchdown in one of the most controversial endings in the history of college football. 

    While it was close as to whether or not he got in, the call eliminated Wisconsin from national title contention. It also sent the crowd in East Lansing, Michigan into an uproar.

    Here are the five most controversial endings in college football history.  

Tennessee vs. North Carolina: Music City Bowl 2010

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    With North Carolina trailing 20-17 and driving, they were tackled out of bounds with the clock running down.

    Quarterback T.J. Yates spiked the ball to stop the clock with one second remaining.

    North Carolina had 17 players on the field and the referee announced that the game was over. 

    The coaches shook hands, but replay officials ruled that since the ball was spiked with one second remaining, North Carolina would get another play. 

    North Carolina kicker Casey Barth tied the game with a 39-yard field goal and the Tar Heels ended up winning in double-overtime 30-27. 

USC vs. Notre Dame 2005

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    After a Brady Quinn touchdown run with less than two minutes remaining gave Notre Dame a 31-28 lead.

    Matt Leinert and Reggie Bush led USC right down the field inside the 10 with no timeouts remaining. 

    Leinert scrambled for the end zone on first down and was tackled with seven seconds remaining.

    Fans began to storm the field thinking the game was over, but the ball popped out of bounds, stopping the clock. 

    USC coaches signaled spike the ball, but Leinert decided to take it straight up the middle in a do-or-die situation.

    After getting bogged up, he was pushed into the end zone by Reggie Bush, in a move that became known as the Bush Push. 

    A move that is also illegal and should have been penalized. 

Florida St. vs. Nebaska: Orange Bowl 1994

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    After a Florida St. field goal with 1:16 to play put them ahead 18-16, Nebraska got the ball near midfield after a personal foul penalty. 

    Quarterback Tommie Frazier threw an incompletion, then completed a pass over the middle with one second to go.

    The clock ticked to zero and the Seminoles thought the game was over. 

    The officials then decided to put one second back on the clock, ruling he was down before the time expired. 

    Nebraska missed a 45-yard field goal attempt to win the game anyway in one of the most dramatic endings of any bowl game. 

Colorado vs. Missouri 1990

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    Colorado trailed Missouri 31-27 and reached the three-yard line with 30 seconds to play. 

    Quarterback Charles Johnson spiked the ball to stop the clock on first down. On second down a run got them to the two where they used their final timeout.

    On third down, running back Eric Bienemy was stuffed. 

    The players rushed to the line where Johnson spiked the ball on what was supposed to be fourth down. With two seconds remaining, the referees spotted the ball. 

    As Missouri fans stormed the field thinking they had won, Johnson took the fifth down snap and dove into the end zone with no time left on the clock for the 33-31 victory.

    Perhaps, the most controversial finish in college football history. 

Ohio St. vs. Miami: Fiesta Bowl 2003

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    For a split second Miami won a national championship, then the flag came out. 

    Leading 24-17 after a Kellen Winslow 7-yard touchdown in overtime, Ohio St. was down to their final play on fourth-and-14. 

    Quarterback Craig Krenzel threw a pass into the end zone intended for Chris Gamble that fell incomplete. 

    Miami began to storm the field until a flag was thrown on a very controversial pass interference call. 

    Ohio St. went on to score to send the game into double-overtime and eventually won 31-24 to claim the national championship.