Nebraska Football: Reasons for and Against New Uniforms

Matt Zvolanek@MattZvolanekCorrespondent IIOctober 21, 2011

Nebraska Football: Reasons for and Against New Uniforms

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    In the past month-and-a-half, there has been an argument in Husker Nation.  It seems as if everybody has an opinion on it.  The argument is whether or not the Huskers should jump on the alternative uniform bandwagon that has swept the country.

    What started this hype?  There was always whispers from people who wanted it, but the spark that ignited a full-blown debate was a black Nebraska helmet in the background of a photo.  That, combined with Tom Osborne's order to blackout Madison, made the hype wagon reach full speed. 

    Supposed uniforms showed up on multiple places on the Internet.  As we now know, Nebraska didn't wear the black uniforms.

    Just in case you don't have an opinion on Nebraska's uniform changes already, I have come up with reasons for and against a drastic uniform change at Nebraska.  Enjoy.

Against: Tradition

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    Perhaps the biggest reason for Nebraska to keep their current uniforms is tradition. 

    Nebraska hasn't had a drastic change in uniforms since they removed the U from NU on the helmets, and that was because there wasn't enough for each helmet. 

    Nebraska's look is iconic and old-fashioned, which is good in today's ever-changing world.  While changes occur at the university (new conference, updated Herbie, etc.), Nebraska's uniforms serve as a steadfast reminder of the past.

    But just because a program has tradition doesn't mean that they can't change their uniforms, as you will soon see.

For: Traditional Programs Doing It

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    Nebraska isn't the only school with a rich history.  There are many others.  Some of those schools have chosen to get away from that tradition, if for just a game.

    Storied programs that have tried uniform changes include Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida State, LSU, Florida, Virginia Tech and Alabama.

    Some of these programs' uniform changes have been drastic, others not so much.  But how can Nebraska use tradition as an excuse to not getting new unis when so many other traditional programs have switched it up?

Against: The Maryland Effect

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    For years, the Oregon Ducks owned the title of ugliest uniforms in college football.  Maryland decided this year that it wanted to claim the title as its own.  While Maryland might like their uniforms (doubtful), a majority of the country does not. 

    One of the fears of Husker fans is that Adidas will come out with monstrosities like those in the picture above.  It's a reasonable fear.  Michigan, just last week against Michigan State, rolled out throwbacks that were terrible-looking. 

    Maryland's epic fail could cause a decrease in uniform changes, as some schools begin ask themselves if they want to be the next Maryland.

For: Young Audience

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    The prospect of black uniforms or any change at all was met with arms wide open from the UNL student body.  A majority of Nebraska students, including players, have expressed interest in new uniforms.

    With a younger audience, many of whom might not know the tradition behind Nebraska, the demand for change is growing.  Young audiences like new.  New amenities, new traditions and new uniforms.  Two of those have happened already.  When will the last one happen, if at all?

Against: Minority of Teams

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    Nebraska is a minority.  A minority in a country full of teams changing up their uniforms.  This should make Nebraskans proud.  Though most of the country is jumping on board, the Huskers remain unchanged, their feet planted firmly in the ground. 

    Being one of the few to change is tough.  It'd be a lot easier to just give in and hop on the bandwagon.  But Nebraska has too much pride.  Too much tradition. 

    By not changing up its unis, Nebraska remembers who it is.  It remembers its tradition.  And when the other schools look back, see what they wore and regret it, Nebraska won't care.  They chose to take the path less traveled.

For: Recruiting

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    One of Oregon's biggest pitches to recruits is the new uniforms every game.  And for some reason, recruits love the idea.  Perhaps it goes back to the younger audience wanting more change, but it's hard to say.

    But it works, at least for Oregon.  If Nebraska switched uniforms, who knows?  There's a good chance Bo could turn it into a pitch. 

    A change in uniforms might signal that a university is up with the times and not hanging to the distant past. 

    Whatever the reason, recruits love new unis.