BCS: My Perspective On The System So Many Hate

sam briggsContributor IDecember 7, 2008

Probably the most controversial system in sports at the moment.  Sure it has a lot of setbacks, no playoffs, teams feeling left out and no respect for the non-BCS programs, but it also has its advantages, most exciting regular season in all of sports, and huge bowl games. 

I see a change the need for a change in the system though because the negatives heavily outweigh the positives. 

Let's start with the biggest negative of the BCS system, teams that clearly should have a chance to fight for a national championship get left out in the rain.

For all of the people that say, "hey, well, they should have played better in the regular season," that's not a very good argument.  First of all, if teams are afraid of losing one game during the season, than that makes teams schedule the easier teams, instead of taking chances against the higher-tier teams. That right helps destroy the notion that without the BCS, the regular season wont be as exciting.

On the contrary, the opposite is true.  If the league enables teams to take some more shots at the better opponents.  Imagine a season where we see match ups like, USC-Florida, Ohio State-Alabama, or Oklahoma-Florida.  Those three match ups right there are enough for me.

Also lets look at a team that can talk about being left out in the rain.  Texas has had a great season, and have only lost one game. 

That one game was to a Top Ten team, Texas Tech.  But they wont be playing in the big game come January, even though they beat one of the teams that will be playing in it, Oklahoma.

That's right, Texas beat Oklahoma, 45-35, at the Cotton Bowl, and they both have the same record, but Oklahoma will most likely be playing for the National Championship while Texas will have to settle for another BCS Bowl game. 

Another team that will be left out of the picture is the USC Trojans.  The Trojans are being punished for not having a good enough offense though.

Just because the Trojans cant put 60 on the board in five straight games, they can't play for a National Championship.  They do, however, possess the best defense in the Nation.  That's right, I said the best defense in the nation. 

That is another problem with the BCS, they reward teams for having prolific offenses, but if you have a brick wall defence then they just kind of look through it.  The other big problem is that the BCS just doesn't like non-BCS teams. 

Sure, Utah might not have played the best teams, but they won all of their games, and deserve a chance to play for the National Championship.  Same goes for Boise State.  Both of those teams should have a chance in a playoff scenario to fight for a Championship. 

In my mind the Playoffs would be set up something like this. 16 team format, 11 automatic bids for the 11 Conference Champions.  Some of teams that got bids might not be very worthy, but it still gives everyone a chance, and it gives the better teams easier games in the first round, which would mean doing good in the regular season would still be important.

The other five spots would go to the top five non-Conference Champion teams in the AP Poll.  That still might cause controversy, but it would be much better than what we have at the moment.