South Carolina Football: Reasons Why the Gamecocks Can Bounce Back from Injuries

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2011

South Carolina Football: Reasons Why the Gamecocks Can Bounce Back from Injuries

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    So I am sure you've heard the big injury news coming out of South Carolina. Marcus Lattimore has been a focal point of the national news for a few days now. 

    Along with the idea that South Carolina is dead in the water, and Georgia will win the east. 

    Let's shelve that talk for now. South Carolina still has the weapons to win the East. Marcus Lattimore's absence will be felt. No longer will short yardage and goal line situations be a given. 

    But the Gamecocks will still win an here are some reasons why. 

Bruce Ellington, the Swiss Army Knife

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    Why don't we have a name for this guy yet? The Swiss Army Knife is pretty lame. So is Syvelle Newton 2.0. 

    Readers, if you have an idea, let me know. 

    However, he is a jack of all trades. He is an incredible runner, excellent receiver, good blocker and general offensive asset. 

    He even has some quarterback skills, based on his solid throws against Mississippi State. He looked the part of a quarterback, and he adds a whole new dimension to the offense. 

    His emergence has already lessened Marcus Lattimore's workload, and the Gamecocks have won the last two games with Lattimore being held in check. 

    Will he see time as a running back? Maybe.

Alshon Jeffery, College Football's Best Reciever

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    Alshon Jeffery's numbers are down this season, but there is a reason some draft boards have him up at number 3. 

    It is not his fault that he doesn't get as many looks.

    He still produces, and now that Marcus Lattimore is out, I feel that his numbers are going to skyrocket. 

Steve Spurrier, the Suddenly Underrated Coach

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    After the tumultuous week the Gamecocks had, people are suddenly down on Spurrier. 

    They are talking about how poorly he has done at South Carolina. Comparing the team to LSU and Alabama. Saying his legacy is tarnished. 

    That is just false. South Carolina is not winning championships yet, but, for goodness sake, they are relevant. People are hating on the Gamecocks now. You know why? They are relevant. 

    How long ago was it that South Carolina was a team that you just swept under the rug? Those days are over.

    All the money Spurrier has put into the program has improved every facet of the facilities, and he has been a constant recruiter. 

    Whoever takes over the program when he decides to retire is walking into an amazing situation.

    He will dig deep, get creative with his play calling, and lead this team to more victories.

Brandon Wilds, the Fifth Back

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    Brandon Wilds started the season as the fifth running back on the roster. 

    However, he has shown flashes of being a really solid back for the team this season as he moved up the depth chart to number two behind Lattimore. 

    He is a power back, and could do very well with multiple touches. 

    I know that South Carolina fans are excited about this kid's prospects. He is a ball player and more importantly, he will succeed. 

    He is not Marcus Lattimore, but he doesn't need to be. He has the potential to be a very good freshman back. 

Ace Sanders, Damiere Byrd, and Nick Jones- the Speed Trio

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    Three of the fastest players in the SEC are wide receivers for the Gamecocks. Nick Jones has come on strong lately. Ace Sanders has been a starter all season long, and Damiere Byrd is by far the fastest player in the SEC, with record breaking speed.  

    These three, if used properly, can spread opposing defenses and score quickly. 

Connor Shaw, the Now and Future Quarterback

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    Connor Shaw can play quarterback. 

    If you think for a minute, any South Carolina fan really wants Stephen Garcia back at starter at this point, you would be mistaken. 

    Most fans would love a rematch against Auburn with Connor Shaw at quarterback. The results would have been very different, as Stephen Garcia personally delivered that game to Auburn on a silver platter. 

    Connor Shaw won't make the same critical mistakes as Garcia. He is smart. However, he will make new starter mistakes from time to time, but he is a much better quarterback than most people anticipated after the East Carolina start. 

South Carolina's "Fire Ant" Defense, the No. 1 Reason Why the Team Will Be Ok

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    South Carolina's defense is good enough to win games. 

    Tennessee and Florida will have a very difficult time scoring against South Carolina. The Gamecocks should have no problem scoring points because the offense has some talent.  . 

    The defensive line is the best in the country. There should be no arguments there. The linebackers have played lights out, and South Carolina currently has the no. 1 ranked passing defense in the country, led by All-American candidates Stephon Gilmore and Melvin Ingram. 

    Antonio Allen, D.J. Swearinger, Jadeveon Clowney, Devin Taylor, Shaq Wilson... the list of stars goes on and on.

    You think the Gamecocks are done?

    Don't tell these guys. 

    It is great to be a Gamecock.

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