SEC Football Predictions: The Winners and Big Losers of Week 8

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2011

Honey Badger don't care!
Honey Badger don't care!Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After another week of picking perfect wins I must surmise that this is getting too easy. The cause of this effect is a blatant spacial difference from the teams at the bottom as they move to the top. Not many of them are "even" when they play.

Start date, 2011, THE atmosphere.... is.... becoming dense.....I feel "azzzzzzz" though my 51-5 record "izzzzz"..... nothing more..... than a mere illusion.

Sorry, Captain Kirk, but that is just not the facts. Last week, several of the scores were way off even if the winner was clear.

Alabama trounced Ole Miss. South Carolina barely got by MSU, and Georgia not only allowed Vanderbilt to score a ton of points but let them get under their coach's skin.

As for this week, it is more of the same.

Wins and losses. But whom?


UT at Alabama

 The Tide is rolling through their schedule like a hot knife through butter. The Vols come in wearing the margarine label. Without any real Tennessee talent, or coaching for that matter, the Tide will find themselves daydreaming for the first 20 minutes of the game. After that it is lights out for UT. Alabama wins 35-0

Arkansas at Ole Miss

 After a pleasant rest for Tyler Wilson and crew, the Hogs will stroll down to Ole Miss and exact a beating that only.... wait, everybody exacts a beating on this team. Wilson will probably throw for 400 yards and then get pulled out. Even the rushing game for the hogs will put up 100 yards. Arkansas wins 41-17

Jacksonville State at Kentucky

  Normally I would declare UK the losers in any battle, but this one is a little different. An FCS team that only beat the worst team in the SEC last season will go to whatever that Commonwealth Stadium's field is named and try it again. This could actually be a tough game for the Wildkittens. UK is not good on any unit. It is a wonder they have won any games at all. Therefore, I'm going to call the upset here. Jacksonville State wins 14-10

Army at Vanderbilt

How in the heck can Army be ranked No. 1 in rushing offense? Pray tell? Well, they are but that doesn't mean they are any good. Having only won one game fewer than the 'Dores so far this season Army will mount a triumphant battle. Okay, not really. Vanderbilt comes off an emotional loss to UGA but understands that it's work time. The Boss usually does. Vanderbilt wins 31-17

Auburn at LSU

 What a win for the fighting Tigers last weekend. The team they played was depleted, humiliated and not very well coached. You decide which team I speak of. However, this weekend only one Tiger comes out on top, Auburn has been having more success than most people thought. Squeaking out wins against Utah State, MSU and South Carolina just goes to show that last season was not a fluke. It is just how Auburn plays.

This weekend will be a lot different. Remember when Auburn came to Red Stick a couple of years ago and got pummelled something like 35-7? Well, funny thing is I think that will be the score this time around. LSU wins 35-7

The Backtrack

The only limb I climbed out on this weekend is the UK game. I want to see how crazy I can pick. I'm sick and tired of picking winners. If Kentucky wins so be it. If they don't I'll scratch my head and say, "why?" I just don't care on that pick. But, as a backtrack goes, I have to say that UK wins in the reverse aforementioned score.

Everybody else gets their just desserts!