Projected BCS Rankings 2011: 5 Teams That Are Getting Screwed Tonight

Stephen UrbaniakCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2011

Projected BCS Rankings 2011: 5 Teams That Are Getting Screwed Tonight

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    With every college football season comes the unveiling of the first edition of the Bowl Championship Series rankings for college football's Top 25 teams. 

    Every team aspires to be in the top two spots so they can earn the right to play for the AFCA National Championship trophy that is awarded to the winner of the BCS National Championship game.

    Only one team has had their appearances and a victory vacated, as Southern California's appearance and 55-10 victory over Oklahoma in the 2005 Orange Bowl, and their appearance and loss in the 2006 Rose Bowl to the Vince Young-led Texas Longhorns, was wiped from the record.

    There has also been teams that have been screwed over by the BCS, as the 2000 Miami Hurricanes were screwed out of a shot to face the Oklahoma Sooners for the national title, when Florida State was chosen ahead of the Hurricanes, even though Miami had beaten Florida State head-to-head.

    Here are five teams that are going to get screwed when the first rankings of the 2011 season come out.

1. (4) Wisconsin Badgers

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    Wisconsin is on this list because they will be in the BCS Rankings; no one just knows where they deserve to be put.

    They have dominated all their opponents, and their only signature win so far was against then-No. 8 Nebraska, but with all of their struggles, the shine on that win is starting to fade, as the 'Huskers have struggled mightily in recent weeks.

    The BCS has long favored teams who dominate good and bad teams, and the computers may not look too highly on Wisconsin's wins and their remaining strength of schedule.

2. (5) Boise State Broncos

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    Boise State always runs into the same problem every year.  Undefeated, but no national title game invitation for the Broncos. 

    They are not a member of a Big Six conference quite yet, and they may maintain their No. 5 ranking, but they will never play for the national championship game in the current format until they join the Big East, a rumor that has been speculated on for weeks.

    QB Kellen Moore and his Broncos teammates do what they have to do each and every Sunday, but voters and computers alike just don't want to see a for-now mid-major team bust up the national championship game tradition reserved for the big boys.

    It is a shame, because Boise State will play and beat anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

3. (12) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

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    The Yellow Jackets are on this list, because like Boise State, the voters and computers do NOT favor weak strength of schedules out of conference, and losses to inferior teams.  The Jackets have had a weak schedule and they have a bad ACC loss against Virginia.

    Georgia Tech is looking to rebound from the scandal that cost them their 2009 ACC Championship Trophy, and after the first seven weeks of the season, it looks as if their contest next week against Miami will determine their fate.

    They have games remaining against Clemson and Virginia Tech after Miami in the conference, and they could very well go 0-3 and fall out of the BCS Top 25 altogether.

4. (19) Virginia Tech Hokies

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    Virginia Tech has been an elite program for a long time, and their run atop the ACC's Coastal Division is proof of that.

    They have been held in high regard by voters even though they have had some questionable losses.  Their only loss in conference play is against the surging Clemson team that came into Blacksburg and beat the Hokies at their own game.

    The Hokies will get screwed by the BCS because they have the one glaring loss and they barely escaped by Miami at home.

5. (23) Michigan State Spartans

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    Michigan State has long been in the shadown of Michigan, but they beat the Wolverines and claimed their fourth straight Paul Bunyan trophy.

    The Spartans have to win the Big Ten and win out the rest of the way in order to get high enough to get into the BCS.

    The Spartans have dominated the new-look Big Ten, with their only loss coming at the hands of Notre Dame, but again. the BCS doesn't favor bad losses to teams that elite programs should beat, and that's why this team is on this list.