Denard Robinson, Braxton Miller and the Worst Passing QBs in College Football

Drew Laing@@drewrlaingAnalyst IOctober 16, 2011

Denard Robinson, Braxton Miller and the Worst Passing QBs in College Football

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    The most exciting and most scrutinized position in all of college football is the quarterback. A growing trend in college football has been the dual-threat quarterback. 

    Quarterbacks have become increasingly a bigger threat running the ball, while also being able to hurt the defense throwing the football.

    Unfortunately, there are several of these quarterbacks in big-time college football that struggle on throwing the football with accuracy.

    Players like Taylor Martinez, Braxton Miller and Denard Robinson have electrified college football with their running ability but have had some issues in the passing game.

    Thankfully, Bleacher Report has compiled college football's 10 worst passing quarterbacks this season.

10. Zach Maynard- California

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    CMP: 117

    ATT: 222

    YDS: 1,585

    CMP%: 52.7

    YPA: 7.14

    Zach Maynard got off to a hot start this season throwing for nine touchdowns in Cal's first three games. But in the last three games, Maynard has only thrown for two touchdowns, including a three interception performance against USC. He'll have to turn it around quickly and avoid so many interceptions in order to get off this list.

9. Barrett Trotter- Auburn

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    CMP: 79

    ATT: 141

    YDS: 976

    CMP%: 56.0

    YPA: 6.92

    Barrett Trotter in his first season as Auburn quarterback has left a lot to be desired. At times, Trotter has put up some great numbers, but recently Trotter has played very poorly. He only threw for 81 yards against Arkansas and 112 yards against South Carolina, including three interceptions combined in those two games.

8. Chas Dodd- Rutgers

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    CMP: 69

    ATT: 127

    YDS: 754

    CMP%: 54.3

    YPA: 5.94

    Chas Dodd was Rutgers' starting quarterback at the beginning of the season, but inconsistent play has moved him to the backup role. Dodd's fate was sealed when he only completed 14 of his 31 passes for 166 yards and one interception against Big East bottom-dwellar Syracuse.

7. Taylor Martinez- Nebraska

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    CMP: 70

    ATT: 129

    YDS: 1,014

    CMP%: 54.3

    YPA: 7.86

    Taylor Martinez's season has been pretty lackluster so far. After busting onto the scene his freshman year, Martinez has only thrown six touchdowns in six games. Not to mention, six interceptions as well. Poor performances against Chattanooga and Wisconsin have helped label Martinez as an inaccurate quarterback. Clearly, his biggest asset is definitely his running ability.

6. Jake Heaps- BYU

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    CMP: 100

    ATT: 185

    YDS: 962

    CMP%: 54.1

    YPA: 5.20

    Coming into BYU, Heaps was one of the most highly-rated quarterbacks out of high school. He led BYU to a bowl win in his freshman season, but has already lost his starting quarterback job halfway into his sophomore year. Heaps hasn't thrown more than one touchdown in any game this season and had two straight games with zero touchdown passes, completing less than 50 percent of his passes in those two games.

5. Denard Robinson- Michigan

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    CMP: 67

    ATT: 117

    YDS: 1,130

    CMP%: 57.3

    YPA: 9.66

    Denard Robinson is one of college football's most exciting players with his speed, but has consistently struggled throwing the football. In seven games, Robinson has completed less than 10 passes and three games with fewer than 100 yards passing. His nine interceptions this season has also helped categorize him as one of college football's most inaccurate passers.

4. Braxton Miller- Ohio State

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    CMP: 25

    ATT: 47

    YDS: 386

    CMP%: 53.2

    YPA: 8.21

    Braxton Miller has taken over the starting quarterback duties for Ohio State, but it looks as if it will be a big learning curve for Miller. No one can argue his excellent running ability, but in the two games he has started, he has only thrown the ball 12 times and only went 1-for-4 against Illinois. We have only seen a small sample size for Braxton Miller, but it seems as if it will take a while for Miller to develop his accuracy.

3. Tevin Westbrook- Georgia Tech

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    CMP: 37

    ATT: 73

    YDS: 1,052

    CMP% 50.7

    YPA: 14.41

    Tevin Westbrook is a product of the triple option offense at Georgia Tech as he does not have to throw the ball very much during the game. But Westbrook's success in passing has come through big plays (14.41 YPA). However, Westbrook has a putrid completion percentage of 50.7 and has had three straight games with a completion percentage less than 35 percent. The Yellow Jackets don't look to Westbrook's arm too much, but when he has aired it out, it hasn't exactly been ideal.

2. Jordan Jefferson- LSU

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    *These are Jordan Jefferson's 2010 stats because he has only thrown four passes in 2011 due to his suspension during the off-season.

    CMP: 118

    ATT: 209

    YDS: 1,411

    CMP%: 56.5

    YPA: 6.75

    Jordan Jefferson has often been regarded a liability for an LSU Tigers team that has been a defensive force for the past several years. In 2010, Jefferson did not impress many as he only threw seven touchdowns and a poor 10 interceptions. He hasn't been able to throw the ball much this season because Jarrett Lee has taken over the starting quarterback job, so Jefferson will be relied on more for his running threat than his passing ability.

1. Stephen Garcia- South Carolina

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    CMP: 61

    ATT: 118

    YDS: 844

    CMP%: 51.7

    YPA: 7.15

    Although Stephen Garcia was dismissed from South Carolina earlier this weak, he was easily the worst passing quarterback in all of college football while he was on the team this season. In five games, Garcia threw only four touchdowns, but an astounding nine interceptions. Against Vanderbilt he threw four interceptions and only one touchdown. Garcia just made so many poor decisions when throwing the football like forcing passes into triple coverages or just completely overthrowing his wide receivers. He has been the epitome of inaccurate quarterbacks this season.