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College Football 2011: Love the Lid, Power Ranking All 120 FBS Helmets

Martin SondermannAnalyst IIJanuary 3, 2017

College Football 2011: Love the Lid, Power Ranking All 120 FBS Helmets

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    The college football universe is full of many arguments.  Who is the best team?  Who is the best quarterback?  Who has the best defense?

    But, perhaps one of the most compelling questions on the minds of many is...Who has the best lid?

    College football style has become nearly as important as the game on the field, so it is only appropriate that we look at the very thing that caps it all off.

    Who has the best lid in the FBS?

    Let's take a look...

No. 120 UAB

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    A fire breathing what?  Disney character? 

No. 119 North Texas

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    A mascot might be nice. 

No. 118 Ohio

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    A helmet with just letters seems to be outdated. 

No. 117 Ole Miss

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    Again, letters...Ole Miss could do much, much better. 

No. 116 Southern Miss

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    With a mascot like the Golden Eagles, you would think you would add that in somewhere.

No. 115 SMU

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    It is only "retro" if you have moved past it and then went back again. 

    This helmet is not retro.

No. 114 Michigan

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    Some love it, some hate it. 

No. 113 FIU

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    One or the other, but not both.  The Golden Panther would be your best choice.

No. 112 Idaho

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    Keep the logo, but reverse the colors. 

No. 111 Illinois

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    They are so proud they underline it. 

No. 110 Kansas

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    Could go with the Jayhawk here, it might be interesting. 

No. 109 Louisiana-Lafayette

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    What does a "Ragin Cajun" look like?  Come on art department, make it happen.

No. 108 Rice

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    You know your "R" looks like a drunk "B," right? 

No. 107 San Jose

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    Your helmet is wac.  Need a little more from your "Spartan."

No. 106 San Diego State

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    Aztecs were legendary warriors.  You need a helmet that honors that.

No. 105 South Florida

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    That is a bull right?

No. 104 Tulane

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    Tulane could do better.  I am not sure how, after all, how many ways can you draw a "Green Wave?"

No. 103 UCLA

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    It seems a bit boring. 

No. 102 Toledo

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    Too much going on.  Toledo and a rocket?  One or the other might be sufficient. 

No. 101 Tulsa

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    Tulsa got new uniforms, and they are awesome.  However, that same old helmet needs an upgrade. 

No. 100 Syracuse

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    One team that can go without a logo. 

No. 99 Temple

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    It looks like it was spray painted with a stencil.  

No. 98 Akron

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    With a mascot like "Zips" I guess you can't do much.  But you could do more. 

No. 97 Central Michigan

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    A picture says a thousand words. 

No. 96 ECU

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    Not a very scary pirate.

No. 95 Florida

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    Maybe just a G would be better.

No. 94 FAU

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    F-A-U shame on you.  You could do better—you know it's true.  A better helmet—to make it through.  Try it—try it—FAU.

No. 93 Memphis

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    Way too much going on with this logo.

No. 92 LSU

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    One or the other, but not both.

No. 91 Minnesota

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    A W that has been knocked over? Two A's on together?

No. 90 Middle Tennessee

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    It says "MT" as in empty.  Maybe just the mascot would do. 

No. 89 Marshall

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    Great tradition, not so great a helmet.  

No. 88 Miami University Ohio

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    It's like the red version of Marshall.  Better color though, so it gets a spot higher in our countdown. 

No. 87 Northwestern

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    A "Z" on its side or a uptight No. 2?  The color is hard to look at anyway, but the logo makes it worse.

No. 86 Louisiana-Monroe

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    Can you tell what that logo is?

No. 85 Missouri Tigers

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    Pretty plain lid.

No. 84 New Mexico State

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    New Mexico State Aggies football has struggled in the recent years.  Maybe it's the helmet.

No. 83 Nebraska

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    Nebraska fans love their team's helmet. 

No. 82 Troy

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    The Troy Trojans need an upgrade.

No. 81 Wyoming

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    Color and logo are not the best, other than that it is just fine. 

No. 80 Vanderbilt

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    Logo or letter?

No. 79 Eastern Michigan

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    Can you see that small "E?"

No. 78 North Carolina

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    Hard to make out the logo.

No. 77 Ohio State

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    Ohio State fans love their teams traditional helmets.  So this will probably not sit right with them.   

No. 76 Kansas State

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    Similar to Washington State's logo, but yet same type of result. 

No. 75 Washington State

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    Similar to Kansas State's logo, but yet same type of result.

No. 74 Western Michigan

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    The logo looks like an angry cartoon character. 

No. 73 UNLV

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    A rebel is a cool mascot, let's see it UNLV.

No. 72 Utah Utes

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    Does that helmet even fit?

No. 71 West Virginia

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    Great team, but the helmets are not in the top 25.

No. 70 USC Trojans

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    They can't go bowling, but they could upgrade their helmets.

No. 69 Bowling Green

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    Not a bad helmet at all really, but at this point the helmets that are average are all going to be lumped together.

No. 68 Louisiana Tech

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    La. Tech and their traditional helmets make the list at No. 68.

No. 67 South Carolina

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    South Carolina makes the list at No. 67.  They are a great program, but they could use a little bit of a makeover in the helmet area. 

No. 66 Tennessee

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    Tennessee has an iconic helmet, it just doesn't look as good as some.

No. 65 UTEP

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    Another border line average-good lid.

No. 64 New Mexico

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    Another decent helmet, just missing a little something. 

No. 63 Mississippi State

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    Mississippi State has good colors, nice uniforms, but an average helmet.

No. 62 Kentucky

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    Nice Color, nice logo, nice lid.

No. 61 Western Kentucky

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    Even though WKU sounds like a radio station, it has a pretty decent college football helmet. 

No. 60 Colorado

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    The iconic buffalo.  It's a nice helmet, now they just need to work on their defense. 

No. 59 Stanford

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    Great quarterback, great football team, average lid.

No. 58 Northern Illinois

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    Could use an upgrade, but still a pretty good hat.

No. 57 UCF

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    Central Florida has a decent lid.  It helps to have the initials of a fighting league to help you look tough.  Even if they are in the wrong order.

No. 56 Georgia Tech

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    Georgia Tech enters our list at No. 56. The ACC has a good set of lids in its league, but Georgia Tech's ranks near the bottom. 

No. 55 Duke

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    Simple helmet with a decent logo.  Well done Duke.  You prove that you care about more than just basketball.

No. 54 Virginia

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    Nice color, nice logo, nice helmet.

No. 53 Wisconsin

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    The Badgers have a way of making this helmet look tough.  The competition doesn't like to see it coming for them, but Wisconsin fans like what they see.

No. 52 Buffalo

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    The Bulls of Buffalo have been improving their look over the years. 

No. 51 Kent State

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    With a mascot named the "Golden Flashes" I wasn't sure what to expect. 

No. 50 Arizona

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    Red, white and blue.  How could you go wrong with that?

No. 49 Washington

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    Washington has a unique color, and it allows them to stand out in a crowd. 

No. 48 Boston College

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    Simple, but stylish.

No. 47 North Carolia State

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    Similar to another college I won't name, but yet with with a little better look.

No. 46 Wake Forest

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    Don't hang your head Wake Forest.  You made the top 50.

No. 45 Virginia Tech

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    Easy to recognize, hard to ignore, the VT.

No. 44 Texas A&M

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    It spells ATM, but it doesn't dispense cash, just touchdowns.

No. 43 Louisville

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    Louisville is having a down year, but their helmet is up to No. 43 on the countdown.

No. 42 Pitt

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    This helmet is cool for many reasons.  The traditional and iconic feel of this helmet helps it make its way to as high as 42 on this list. 

No. 41 California

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    It has lost a little luster this year, but still a great hat.

No. 40 Auburn

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    This won't probably be high enough on the list for Auburn fans, but it is what it is.

No. 39 Nevada

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    The Wolfpack have a howling good helmet.

No. 38 Arkansas State

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    Great color combination, cool logo, good enough for top 40.

No. 37 Ball State

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    An upgrade from their old helmets for sure.

No. 36 Purdue

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    A very good traditional helmet that has been upgraded without ruining the look of days past.

No. 35 Penn State

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    Proving you can wear white after Labor Day.

No. 34 Texas Tech

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    Big T, little t, black, red, awesome.

No. 33 Texas

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    One of the most recognizable helmets in college football.

No. 32 Cincinnati

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    Very creative and well thought out logo.

No. 31 Connecticut

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    Great colors, simple logo, but good enough.

No. 30 Baylor

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    Baylor's helmet is baptized at No. 30 on our countdown.

No. 29 Clemson

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    You have to love the paw.

No. 28 Utah State

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    Cool design, too bad Utah State keeps losing heart breakers.

No. 27 Oregon State

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    They make a beaver look tough.

No. 26 Fresno State

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    Classic bulldog, classic helmet.

No. 25 Rutgers

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    A classic helmet good enough for the top 25.

No. 24 B.Y.U.

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    Y pick this No. 24? Y not.

No. 23 Oklahoma State

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    A cutting edge look with a classic style.

No. 22 Miami

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    The classic U.

No. 21 Indiana

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    Hoosier No. 21 lid in the FBS?

No. 20 Houston

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    So who made the top 20? Uh...

No. 19 Florida State

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    Florida State has one of the most decorative helmets around. 

No. 18 Colorado State

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    Colorado State is an interesting helmet.  Gee, I wonder what their mascot is?

No. 17 Iowa State

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    The Iowa State Cyclones and their choice of lots of red. 

No. 16 Michigan State

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    It's a "Sparty" party at No. 16.

No. 15 Iowa

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    Recognized everywhere.

No. 14 TCU

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    They make purple look mean.

No. 13 Hawaii

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    The Warriors out on the island wear some pretty stylish lids.

No. 12 Georgia

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    The classic Georgia helmet is a keeper.

No. 11 Arizona State

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    The new helmets at Arizona State are inspired.

No. 10 Arkansas

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    The Razorbacks enter the countdown in the top 10.

No. 9 Oklahoma

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    Oklahoma has staying power, and so does their helmet.

No. 8 Navy

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    In the Navy, you can sail the seven seas.  Or, you can wear a golden helmet.

No. 7 Army

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    The Army camo helmet rocks and you know it.

No. 6 Air Force

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    They bring the thunder and the lightning.

No. 5 Maryland

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    Love them or hate them, they took a risk.

No. 4 Notre Dame

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    Notre Dame does not need a logo of any kind to make their helmet classic. 

No. 3 Alabama

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    This is where classic and traditional are good, very good. 

No. 2 Boise State*

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    *The "Stormtrooper" helmet for the Broncos finds its way to near the top of the list.  The Bronco blue helmets would be ranked top 20 at best, but this helmet is near the tops. 

No. 1 Oregon

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    Oregon has become known for multiple uniform combinations.  One thing is for sure, every combination has an amazing lid. 

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