FBS Big Money Schools That Need to Play on the Road Against FCS Schools

David JolleyContributor IOctober 15, 2011

FBS Big Money Schools That Need to Play on the Road Against FCS Schools

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    Every season it happens, and in every major college football conference. The Football Bowl Subdivision Schools whip out a big paycheck to have a smaller program, usually from the Football Championship Subdivision, to come and play a game.

    The idea behind this is that a big school like Michigan gets a "weaker" opponent to play them at home, beat up on them, and then get an almost, but not always, win in their column. But few of the big money programs will ever go on the road to these smaller school programs.

    I know the argument is money, money and pride. But I think that if these programs are so proud to flaunt their name and tradition around don't you think they would take it on the road to a lower division program, or even a much smaller FBS program to show that they will play anyone, anytime, anywhere as they always seem to claim.

    Here in my fantasy land here are some match ups with Goliaths going to David's house to show why they are the big, tradition laden, and rich programs they are. 

    Roll the slides!

USC at Prarie View A&M

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    Prairie View A&M is out of the Southwestern Athletic Conference or SWAC. Seeing the Southern California Trojans go to Prarie View to play against the Panthers would be an interesting game.

    Why? Because there is no real logical reason for the Trojans to go there. But why not go to Prairie View, Texas and give the fans a really good football game?

    The USC Trojans could bring the Trojan, Traveller the Horse and that annoying Trojan school band with their accompanying monotone "Death Star" music.

    I would love to see this match up happen!

Arizona State at Idaho State

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    Bringing a big name school to Pocatello, Idaho for a showdown would bring this sleepy midsize college town to life. The Idaho State Bengals, out of the Big Sky would love to see the Arizona State Sun Devils make the trip north.

    Pocatello, located at the south end of the Snake River Plain would be a wonderful venue for the Sun Devils to take Sparky to. Both teams play in the desert. It is just a bit cooler in southern Idaho than Tempe, Arizona.

    Bengals vs Sun Devils. Yes a great road test for ASU!

Alabama at Montana

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    Nothing says mismatch like an Elephant vs a Grizzly Bear. And in college football, this is no exception. 

    The Alabama Crimson Tide against regular FCS heavyweight Montana.  The SEC prides itself on being the "best" college football conference in the nation. Why not take a road trip to Missoula?

    Nothing like putting that "Roll Tide Roll" against the Big Sky Powerhouse Montana. Come out of your Dixie Land cave and put your Elephant up against the Bear!

Boise State at North Dakota State

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    Boise State has risen from a once lowly Division I-AA program to a national BCS busting powerhouse! Now that the Broncos are "The Jeffersons" of college football, why not return to the good old days of being a small school program, by playing one.

    Bring in the North Dakota State Bison. These relatively unknowns nationally would love a chance to have a big time football program, such as the Broncos come to town.

    Nothing says "I love you" like returning to play a friendly game where you started from. 

Utah at Southern Utah

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    In Utah, there are two in-state rivalry games for the Utah Utes. First is the "Holy War" with Brigham Young University, and the lesser known "Battle of the Brothers" with Utah State.

    But how about the Utah Utes leaving Salt Lake City to head down to Cedar City, Utah to take on those Southern Utah Thunderbirds? What is a Thunderbird? It has something to do with Native American legend, that is about what I know.

    Now getting all the Thunderbird fans and Utah fans into the somewhat smaller 10,000 person stadium might be a challenge, but the game would be a fun one to watch. Sometimes, Salt Lake City people think nothing is south of their immediate surroundings. But Cedar City is beautiful. And this mismatch would be fun to watch and not too far from Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.

Florida at Maine

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    Call this the Great Eastern Road Trip. The University of Florida Gators taking to the road for a nice New England fall game in Orono, Maine against the Black Bears.

    This contest would feature the fast paced life of an SEC team vs an always competitive University of Maine team.  Gators need to get out of the swamp sometime. No better time than the present!

    Could the Florida Gators handle the Black Bears? Most likely. But the Bears would have the home field advantage and there is always that very minimal chance of an upset.

Ohio State at Texas State

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    Ohio State vs Texas....State. Yes the mighty Bobcats of San Marcos, Texas. Texas State would be a wonderful venue for the Buckeyes to visit. Why spend time with a game you very well could lose at Texas in Austin. Why not play Texas State? They will be moving to the Western Athletic Conference and FBS in 2012.

    Why not welcome them to the upper division by coming down from Columbus and spotting them the home field advantage?  A Bobcat shouldn't be scaring a Buckeye, should it?

Arizona at Northern Colorado

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    Greeley, Colorado, home of the Northern Colorado Bears. Arizona is not having that good of a year. Coach Stoops got the ax and the team isn't competing in the Pac 12 very well either.

    How about a Big Sky opponent to liven things up in the future. A road trip to Greeley is just the ticket for a fall showdown with the Bears.  Team bonding on a bus or jet would never be the same. 

    Why play in hot Tucson when you can play on the road in much cooler Greeley. And Arizona should diversify its scheduling portfolio by giving the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks a year off.

    Something about directional schools brings out the best in a rebuilding team.

Minnesota at Bemidji State

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    Yes I have added another instate battle. The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers travelling upstate to Bemidji State University, home of the Beavers.  I know this is not an FCS school. Bemidji is a Division II School. But what the heck?

    Minnesota of the Big Ten hopping up north to take on the Beavers. Minnesota would show that a Big Ten Team can compete and show in state rivalry spirit by playing the Beavers. 

    This one I have dubbed "The Rodent Bowl."

Oklahoma at Rhode Island

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    You have heard of Oklahoma and Rhode Island in Basketball. So why not football? Lets put the Sooners on the road to Kingston, Rhode Island to take on the Rams. Yes, this mismatch is a great conclusion to this slideshow.

    The Sooners would show that when you show them a school that will play them, all is you need is a time and place. Time: To Be Determined. Place: Kingston, Rhode Island. Team: The Mighty Rhode Island Rams.