Missouri Tigers: Winners and Losers from Tigers' Loss vs. Kansas State

Joseph Goode@https://twitter.com/#!/JoeGoodeFitnessCorrespondent IIIOctober 9, 2011

Missouri Tigers: Winners and Losers from Tigers' Loss vs. Kansas State

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    The Missouri Tigers road woes continued when they lost to the 20th ranked Kansas State Wildcats. 

    The Tigers struggled to get anything going for three quarters of the game. They made a valiant comeback effort in the fourth, but ultimately fell short. 

    The Kansas State Wildcats showed the country they are a legitimate team, while the Tigers still have a lot of work ahead of them.  

    Here are the winners and losers for the Tigers in this game.

Loser: Quarterback James Franklin

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    Sophomore quarterback James Franklin locked onto receivers and it cost him. In the first play of the game, Franklin’s pass was intercepted on their own 36-yard line sparking a touchdown drive for the Wildcats. 

    Franklin is a talented quarterback in the spread offense with a solid arm and ability to run when needed, but against Kansas State’s defense, he looked timid and lost at times. If he wasn't a mobile quarterback, he would have had a lot more problems in this game. 

    He threw 19 for 35 passes for only 214 yards. He had no touchdowns and added a pick, but he did run 11 times for 46 yards.

    The young Franklin will have his ups and downs this season, but look for him to improve as the season progresses.

Loser: Missouri’s Discipline and Penalties

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    The thing that separates winning teams from the losing ones are penalties, and Missouri is ranked fourth in the nation on average penalties per game. 

    Against the Wildcats, the penalties continued with the Tigers getting penalized seven times. There were several penalties that cost the Tigers as it gave the Wildcats easy first downs. 

    In previous seasons, the Tigers were disciplined and rarely committed penalties. Coach Pinkel needs to get his team to focus and commit to cutting the penalties down if they want to salvage their season and get into a bowl game.

Losers: Kicker Grant Ressel

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    In kicker Grant Ressel’s first two season for the Tigers he had only missed three field goals total, making 43 of 46.  He has been one of the best kickers in college football the past few years.  

    This season, Ressel has already missed five field goals in the first five games. Ressel went 1 for 3 against the Wildcats, missing kicks in crucial moments of the game.  

    Ressel had a chance to get the Tigers within 10-6 at the half, but missed the kick wide right. His misses could have really change the landscape of the game by making the comeback manageable.  

    Ressel's struggles seem to be some sort of mental block, and the Tigers need him to recover and kick the way he had the previous seasons.

Loser: Running Back Henry Josey

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    The sixth leading rusher in the nation hit a road block against the Kansas State defense. Henry Josey is an unstoppable force that is finally getting some national attention, and the Wildcats knew they had to slow him down.

    Josey ran for 55 yards on only 12 carries. He broke loose on only one play for 22 yards, but was mostly contained by the Wildcats who always had a linebacker on him. The Wildcats stacked the line and Josey was not able to get anywhere. 

    When a team has a running threat such as Josey, they should continue to run the ball. The coaching staff fell victim to try and mount a comeback through the passing game, and not rely on its most talented player. 

    If the Tigers want to win some games, then they must give Josey more carries.

Winners: DL Jacquies Smith and Brad Madison

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    The lone bright spot for the Tigers was the penetration that defensive linemen Jacquies Smith and Brad Madison continued to have in this game. The two were able to have containment on the outside and put pressure on quarterback Collin Klein.

    Smith had two sacks for the game and continued to wreak havoc on the Wildcats offensive line.  

    Madison and Smith must continue to get penetration on the quarterback throughout this season because the Tigers' secondary looks awful. 

Winner: Composure and the Aptitude To Mount a Comeback

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    It took three quarters for the Missouri Tigers to get their high-powered offense going. They had two solid fourth-quarter drives as they tried to comeback from a larger deficit. 

    The first fourth-quarter drive was for 79 yards capped off by a Henry Josey two-yard touchdown. On the next drive, the Wildcats gave the ball back, and the Tigers drove 74 yards for the score. 

    The comeback ultimately fell short, but it did show that this team has some fight and composure to play from behind. 


    The key for the Tigers is to get their offense going from the beginning and to give running back Henry Josey more carries, but that will come as they mature throughout the season.