SEC Football: Winners and Losers from Week 6 Action

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIOctober 9, 2011

SEC Football: Winners and Losers from Week 6 Action

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    The inevitability of sports is that someone has to lose.

    In Week 6 of the college football season the SEC saw its fair share of winners and losers. The teams that were expected to win not only did so, but steam rolled their competition.

    Let's get the show on the road and figure out who lost in more ways than just a box score.

Loser- Auburn Tigers

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    Coming off the high from beating South Carolina on the road, the Tigers couldn't keep the magic going.

    It's clear that Bama and LSU are going to run away with the SEC West so the loss doesn't matter too much in the conference standings but Gene Chizick wants to avoid a "rebuilding year" following a national title.

    Auburn may end up at 8-4 or even 7-5 by season's end. 8-4 isn't the end of the world but when every school in the SEC are recruiting the same players, every win counts.

Loser- Gene Chizik/Auburn Coaching Staff

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    Auburn was still in the game at halftime, only down by 7. But after halftime the Tigers didn't put a single point on the board against Arkansas.

    Where were Chizik's halftime adjustments?

    The Arkansas offense finally woke up from hibernation and started lighting up the scoreboard while Auburn offered nothing in return.

Loser- Florida Gators' Defense

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    Now everyone and their grandma's bingo partner knew Florida was going to lose this weekend.

    It's not the fact that they lost, it's the way they lost. The Gators' D knew they had to step up to keep the game close but failed miserably.

    If you look on the back of Monday's milk cartons you may find a picture of some Florida defenders. They were last seen clinging to the cleats of LSU rushers.

The Biggest Loser Is...

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    Stephen Garcia.

    Not only did he have to suffer through being benched (again) but then he was forced to watch his replacement, Connor Shaw throw for 300+ yards and four touchdowns. Oh and don't forget Shaw didn't throw an interception, something Garcia needs to take note of.

    I know Auburn and Kentucky are on two different levels, but Garcia, a fifth-year senior is running out of games for his football career. Shaw's performance is going to make "The Ole Ball Coach" have to decide between giving the reigns back to Garcia or sticking with the hot hand.

Winner- Connor Shaw

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    While Stephan Garcia was busy seeing his starting role become a thing of the past, Connor Shaw was busy making his case for being the starting quarterback for the rest of the season.

    Shaw made things look easy while showing off some impressive throwing ability. His first score was a beautiful throw that could be put in the category of "one of those throws the pro make".

    The schedule only gets tougher for South Carolina, but if Shaw can at the very least avoid turnovers, he should have no problem holding on to the starting gig.

Winner- Alshon Jeffery

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    Look in the sky! It's a bird, no it's a plane! No! It's Alshon Jeffery!

    If you don't remember what he looks like don't worry, neither do Gamecocks fans.

    Jeffery was set to have a big year following up his great Sophmore year but things just haven't worked out for him lately.

    He's not breaking records and walking away with the Heisman, but the Alshon Jeffery sighting yesterday is inspiring to South Carolina's prospects of winning the SEC East.

Winner- Alabama

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    Bama isn't a winner because they beat Vanderbilt. That's not really an accomplishment.

    They're a winner this week because they avoided a let down.

    After a big game against rival Florida, it would've been easy for the Tide to let off the gas pedal a bit. Instead the Tide kept rolling and steam rolled Vanderbilt.

    Speaking of steam rolled, Vandy quarterback Jordon Rodgers may want to pick up the screws he lost after getting hit-sticked on national television.

The Biggest Winner Is...

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    Jordan Jefferson.

    At the beginning of the season, Jefferson's prospects of playing football looked bleak to say the least. Investigations caused him to be suspended from the team.

    Jefferson made an appearance in last week's game but he made the most of his chances in mop up duty against Florida.

    Jarrett Lee has earned the starting role, but Jefferson's comeback trail looks to be heading in the right direction.