Charlie Weis to Remain at Notre Dame Next Season

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

Despite a stretch run over the past couple of seasons that has Notre Dame reaching new lows with their college football program, Charlie Weis will live to see another year in South Bend. 

The announcement, made earlier today, sent shock waves throughout most of college football. 

Many thought that Weis was done as Notre Dame coach.  Many even started to discuss who could possibly replace him at the school. 

Apparently, nobody out there could fit the bill, at least in the eyes of Notre Dame, because Weis somehow, someway, survived to give himself one more shot out in South Bend. 

This decision was not expected.  For weeks now, he has been on a seat that was not just hot, but instead, one that was blazing. 

After nearly blowing a game against Navy where they were up big in the fourth quarter, the talk really started to heat up whether or not Weis would remain as Head Coach. 

Soon after, a loss against Syracuse ensued, a team that made an announcement earlier in that week that head coach Greg Robinson would not be returning to the team next season. 

In this game, he was out-coached by a coach who had just lost his job. 

Even worse, this loss marked the first time in the storied history of Notre Dame football that they had lost to an eight loss team in a season. 

Finally, just last week, Notre Dame was 32.5 point underdogs against USC in their yearly showdown. 

This marked the largest margin against a spread that Notre Dame had ever seen.  They proceeded to get blasted in this game 38-3, and they were lucky to even put up that field goal in that game. 

They did not get a first down until late in the third quarter of the game. As a result, many thought that Notre Dame had quit on their coach in a way. 

The talk after this game was not if Weis would be shown the door, rather, the talk was rampant as to when the Weis era would end. 

While having a great team in his first season, most of this team was actually Ty Willingham's.  He recruited most of these players, and Weis reaped many of the benefits. 

After most of these players graduated though, Weis was the man in charge.  He handpicked his players, and, to say the least, many have underperformed, and this has sent Notre Dame football down a dark road, one that they are very lost on to say the least. 

Jimmy Clausen, supposedly the man to restore order in South Bend as one of the best quarterbacks at the school since the days of Joe Montana, is the chief player who is guilty here. 

While going through a rough freshman season last year, he, along with most of the team, struggled tremendously in a season that almost every Notre Dame fan has blocked from their memory. 

This year though, everything seemed to click at first.  Notre Dame was winning, and the talk around South Bend was that Notre Dame was back. 

Soon after though, Notre Dame started to lose again once the schedule became tough, all of the questions resurfaced.  More losses ensued as well, which made it look as if Weis would be fired at the end of the season. 

In another recent comment, it was said that his buyout, which has been described as a "mind-blowing figure," would not be a factor in the decision whether or not to keep him on as the head coach. 

Regardless of whatever this figure is, it was obviously enough to keep Weis around for at least one more season. 

Weis is on a very short leash though.  Should this team start slow next season, or continue down the horrid path that they are currently treading on, will he be shown the door? 

The answer to this question remains to be seen. 

This much is known though.  Charlie Weis will be the head coach of Notre Dame football for the 2009 season. 

How long will he last? Who knows?  It all depends on the results, and the "what have you done for me lately" factor that is a huge part of college football today. 

This much remains certain.  If Weis does not have this team contending for a BCS Bowl next season, more than likely, he will be looking for another job around this time next season.