BCS Standings 2011: A Primer for the First Poll on Oct. 16

Sean LansingContributor IOctober 8, 2011

It's that time of the year again.

In just one week, all of the hootin' and hollerin' over how unfair the BCS is and how noble a college football playoff system would be will begin when the first batch of 2011 BCS rankings are unveiled on Sunday, Oct. 16th. 

The storylines have been building for weeks–two undefeated SEC teams in the Top 5; two undefeated Big 12 teams in the Top Ten; Wisconsin, Stanford and Boise are all rolling–and they are sure to explode next Sunday. 

Once again, the ESPN/ABC family has exclusive coverage of the Bowl Championship Series. 

In order to leverage their coverage, you can expect nothing short of wall-to-wall BCS coverage on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPN News from now until January. 

Although the Worldwide Leader in Sports has yet to announce their definitive schedule, expect weekend BCS TV coverage similar to what we saw a year ago. 

Last season, ESPN introduced a new 75-minute long BCS Rundown show on Sunday nights where they released the rankings and analyzed the heck out of them. The show started at 8:15 PM Eastern Time, with coverage split between ESPN and ESPNU.

With both the AP Poll and USA Today Coaches Poll showing 11 of their Top 15 teams undefeated heading into play this week, there will be no shortage of discussion topics when the initial rankings are released. 

And while nobody can say for certain how the BCS will shake out either next week or at season's end, one thing's for certain: college football is in trouble if either Alabama/LSU and Oklahoma, Boise State, Wisconsin, Stanford  and Clemson all finish undefeated. 

It's still early, but all of the above mentioned teams are good, and all of them have a legitimate shot at running the table.

While it's one thing for an undefeated mid-major like Boise State to get left out of the mix for the title, it's a whole 'nother story when an AQ team marches through their season unscathed without a chance to play for the Coaches Trophy. 

Imagine what will happen if both Wisconsin and Stanford finish perfect and they are relegated to a consolation game of sorts in Pasadena because the Crimson Tide and the Sooners also go unbeaten. 

With two months left to go in the college football season, all of this is of course just speculation.

But, with the BCS rankings on the horizon and so many good teams dominating on Saturday's, thoughts like these are worth pondering.