Urban Legend: Meyer Is Not Leaving Florida For South Bend

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IDecember 2, 2008

Fact: Charlie Weis is on borrowed time in South Bend. Fact: A better successor should be on the horizon. Fact: It will be a coach with proven college football success.

Fiction: It will be Urban Meyer.

Sorry, Lisa Horne of Fox Sports, but contrary to what you think will happen, Urban Meyer leaving Gainesville for South Bend after this season is nothing more than a rumor started by the likes of the computer geeks of Fox Sports. Jay Glazer must have had nothing better to do today. It's either that or he's still trying to find out the complete details about the Plaxico Burress shooting.

You know, like who was with him, what he drank, what music he was listening to. Stuff like that.

But there must be some kind of dilemma going on over in their backyard. Could it be that The Bleacher Report is proving that they're better than Fox Sports? Well that's just true on any planet. But who was the wiseguy who started this avalanche of bs? The thought of Meyer leaving a school where he has accomplished so much is just plain ridiculous.

I know that he left Utah (with a high caliber quarterback named Alex Smith heading to the pros to boot) and took over a distressed Florida team. The result: Three winning seasons, an SEC Championship, a National Championship...and possibly another set of SEC and National Championships on the way.

So why would he throw that away when Notre Dame doesn't have any faith in any of the coaches its had since the departure of Lou Holtz? The closest they can get would be...Skip Holtz!

Mike Leach wants to pick up where he left off next season. That's why he won't leave Texas Tech. His religion shouldn't be the only factor, Lisa. Jon Gruden is a head coach in the NFL. He has led the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl Championship, and has been to the playoffs multiple times. Charlie Weis had no head coaching experience before he took the job at Notre Dame.

Brian Kelly has finally climbed to the top of the mountain in the Big East. And let's be clear on one thing: Rich Rodriguez is all the reason for Notre Dame to avoid pursuing Urban Meyer. Meyer is a successful coach, and as a Gators Fan, I would really call for the massacre of the Fighting Irish if they were to desecrate the good name of Urban Meyer.

Notre Dame is not a good school to coach. The players aren't motivated. The fans aren't bloodthirsty or believe in rivalries. And the board of directors? We won't even go into how cutthroat those yahoos are.

Plain and simple, here's a word of advice from a Gators Fan to the Irish: Stay away from Gainesville. Urban Meyer will not coach you guys, because he has a little more respect for himself than to pick up your dirty laundry off the floor.

Stick with the original plan and go after Coach Lou's son. He has been looking for a suitable rebuilding program, and despite the success he has had at East Carolina, he would like to think that he's just like his old man.

One more thing. There's one big reason why Meyer isn't thinking about South Bend: Unlike the other big man that used to coach Gainesville, Meyer will keep his word. He's not going anywhere. And do you really think he wants to come there to get embarrassed like Ty Willingham and Weis?

Exactly. Sorry, but the facts don't point in Meyer's directions. If Weis is gone from Notre Dame, expect the Irish to go after someone from the ACC, Big XII or even the Big Ten. But they won't get Meyer. So they should just stick with Skip Holtz as their first choice. I hear Sonny Lubick is available. Maybe they can take him off of CSU's hands.