Closing Arguments of Another College Football Season

ZeptogatorCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

I believe there are four probable matchups for the BCS championship game:

1) Alabama vs. Oklahoma

2) Florida vs. Oklahoma

3) Alabama vs. Texas

4) Florida vs. Texas

Very soon, we will be second guessing the actual BCS championship game matchups, and by mid-January we will be second guessing the BCS yet again.

Regardless of the final matchup and its outcome, several teams could still claim to be better than the BCS champion and no one would be able to disprove it. 

If Texas, Penn State, USC, Utah, Texas Tech, Boise State, and Ball State all win their final games then each could claim to be better than the national champion, and no one could disprove it. In reality, half of these teams will likely end up playing the other half, so in the end there will probably be four or five teams whom could argue their points.

Imagine, if the OU Sooners win the BCS championship game and Texas wins its bowl game. 

Or, if Texas ends up winning the BCS championship and Texas Tech wins its bowl game as well. One or the other could claim that it beat the BCS champion head to head, forever being able to claim that the national title should be theirs.

Head to head is definitive, regardless of the site. Texas beat OU this year, period.  Texas Tech beat Texas this year, period. OU beat Texas Tech this year, period.

No excuses please!

For the bowl survivors among Penn State, USC, Utah, Boise State, and Ball State, there would never be a head-to-head comparison against the BCS champion. 

Can any one of us definitively prove that any of these teams would not beat the BCS champion head to head? 

No, we cannot.

There is not enough real data, not enough head-to-head games. In many cases there are not even enough inter-conference matchups. 

The Big 10 did not play against the SEC this year. There were no Pac-10 vs. Big East games. The Mountain West went 6-1 against the Pac-10. The ACC played FCS teams (formerly known as Division I-AA) 14 times. 

In fact, the six BCS conferences played FCS teams 51 times, winning all 51 games!  That's ridiculous almost to the point of embarrassing. 

And what did these 51 games against the FCS tell us?  Nothing, nada, and zilch.

At least the Michigan Wolverines were brave enough not to schedule any 1-AA teams this year!

So what will be the closing arguments at the end of this season?

The arguments will be many and irrefutable. Each fan will be able to staunchly defend his or her team. Hopefully, that will tide us over until next season, when all the arguments will be started anew. 

Consider it just another wonderful college football tradition!

My favorite argument will be that Ball State should be the national champions if they indeed finish 14-0. 

Go ahead, prove me wrong!