Michigan Football: 5 Reasons Wolverines Will Finally Beat Ohio State This Year

Austin FoxCorrespondent IIOctober 4, 2011

Michigan Football: 5 Reasons Wolverines Will Finally Beat Ohio State This Year

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    As each week passes, it becomes more and more clear that Michigan will take down Ohio State on Nov. 26.

    Even though Buck fans will deny it, it's only a matter of time now.

    For those who somehow still don't believe that it will happen, here's a look at five big reasons the Bucks will fall in Ann Arbor.

5. Running Back Problems

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    So far this year, Ohio State hasn't been able to run the ball effectively.  That is one thing they've always been able to do effectively.

    Rod Smith, who many Buck fans thought would be the savior at running back with Herron out, is only averaging 4.0 yards a carry.

    Jaamal Berry, who came in as a huge recruit, has been a bust so far.  To make matters worse, he was just accused of assault only days ago.

    Jordan Hall has returned from suspension, but so far is only averaging 4.3 yards per carry.

    Carlos Hyde has been the most effective back running the ball, but even he hasn't been great.

    It sure doesn't look like OSU is going to have success throwing the ball this year, and if they can't run it, their offense is doomed.

    Once (if) Herron returns from suspension, you can't just expect this OSU ground game to all of a sudden be great.  It may get better, but it certainly won't be great.

    With the way Michigan's run defense is improving every week, they will have a great chance of taking away OSU's running game, which would be devastating to their offense.

4. Wide Receiver Problems

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    OSU's situation at receiver is an absolute mess.  It's hard to believe that the talent level at the position can be so low.

    When you look at the receiving corps, it's full of no-name youngsters that nobody has ever heard of.  It's not like these young guys were big recruits either.

    OSU's best receiving weapon this year has been Jake Stoneburner, a tight end.

    Other than that, there is absolutely nobody to be afraid of.

    Other than Stoneburner, only two wide receivers have more than six catches on the year.  Take out the stats from the Akron game, and the numbers would be even worse.

    They are constantly dropping balls, and just simply look lost out there at times.

    Again, once (if) DeVier Posey returns from suspension, it's not like OSU will all of a sudden have a ton of success throwing the ball.  Posey is good, but can't be considered an elite receiver.

    In fact, OSU's passing attack currently ranks 111th in the country, so who knows if even DeVier Posey's return can bolster those horrid numbers.

3. Offensive Line Problems

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    How can OSU's offensive line be lacking so much talent and depth?  Other than Mike Brewster, there is seemingly nobody good on there.

    In their previous game, the opponent's defensive linemen were constantly plowing through them and getting to the quarterback.

    Again, the return of Mike Adams from suspension isn't going to make this a great unit.  Doesn't it seem like the Bucks are waiting for a great player at each position to return from a suspension?

    Speaking of suspensions, former big-time offensive line recruit Marcus Hall just found out that he is currently suspended.

    Does OSU really think that they will be able to block Michigan's defensive line?  How will seniors Mike Martin and Ryan Van Bergen, who have been waiting their whole career to beat OSU, possibly be blocked?

    Not to mention Craig Roh, who is finally coming around.

    This OSU offensive line group is almost a lost cause, with or without Adams.

2. Quarterback Problems

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    Quarterback is seemingly the only position on the field where OSU isn't waiting for a big name player to return from suspension.  They would be, though, if Terrelle Pryor hadn't darted off to the NFL.

    Nobody can save the mess they have at quarterback.  It has basically come down to seeing who will make fewer mistakes, Joe Bauserman or Braxton Miller.

    Neither can throw, as they are both completing exactly 51 percent of their passes.

    It's not like you can rely on Miller running the ball either, as he is only averaging three yards a carry.  Heck, his offensive line nearly got him killed in their previous game, as the opponent's defensive line was constantly in the backfield.

    These quarterbacks need all the help they can get, yet receivers are constantly dropping the ball and are unable to get open.

    Michigan shouldn't have too much of a problem with these quarterbacks, especially if it's Bauserman.

    How in the world is OSU going to be able to throw the ball on Michigan, when their passing attack currently ranks 111th in the country, while Michigan's young secondary is currently 16th best against the pass.

    This unit will only get better.  Blake Countess has only begun to see his first game action, and is already being talked about as a possible starter in the coming weeks.

    If a freshman in Countess is potentially starting over a senior like Troy Woolfolk, what does that tell you about the depth and young talent in Michigan's secondary?

1. This Is Michigan

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    This is Michigan.  This is 11 national titles.  This is 42 Big Ten championships.  This is 57 all-time wins over the school down south.

    Brady Hoke knows and understands this.  Does anybody really think that he is going to allow his team to lose in first ever head coaching experience in The Game?  Of course not.

    Michigan is going to want this win more than they've ever wanted anything.

    Does anybody really think that Luke Fickell will match Brady Hoke's intensity and passion for this game?  Of course not.

    Fickell has shown that he doesn't have the slightest clue what it's like to win in the Big Ten, proven by their performance last week.

    Michigan will win this game, and it will be remembered by Michigan fans forever.