College Football Rankings Week 6: Five Headscratching Rankings in the Top 25

Colby Lanham@Colby1226Correspondent IOctober 2, 2011

College Football Rankings Week 6: Five Headscratching Rankings in the Top 25

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    The AP Poll has officially been released, and with it came some fewer unexpected surprises than last week. With the loss of South Carolina and a couple of other Top 10 teams, Clemson has risen to No. 8, rising above teams like Oregon, Michigan and Arkansas.

    Auburn has also jumped back into the Top 25 at No. 23, with the Illinois Fighting Illini rising  to No. 19 in a down year for the Big Ten.

    But, there are still some unexpected surprises that came along with the release of the polls. There are some teams that maybe did not drop as low as they should have, while others should have possibly stayed where they were. There are several head-scratchers to look into for the Week 6 AP College Football Poll.

South Carolina

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    A team that is looking like its on the verge of collapse every week, despite having a 4-1 record, the Gamecocks have seen every area of their gameplan suffer, except for the running game, where they continue to pound away at running back Marcus Lattimore, who was held to a season low in rushing yards against Auburn on Saturday.

    The Gamecocks lost 16-13 in the final minutes of the game against Auburn, who despite the ineffectiveness on defense, still found a way to limit Lattimore and win the game, thanks to their fast paced offense wearing down an over-aggressive South Carolina front seven. Despite being ranked No. 10, the Gamecocks only dropped to No. 18, even though they lost to an unranked team at home in Columbia, South Carolina. Head coach Steve Spurrier is not fixing the problems on his unit, nor is he taking his responsibility as a head coach.

    At this point, South Carolina still has yet to face the brunt of their schedule, still having to play Arkansas and Florida,, not to mention an underrated Tennessee club that they cannot afford to look past. Based on their performance, South Carolina is not worthy of any top ten ranking in the polls.

Florida State

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    The FSU Seminoles have not quite become the Seminoles of old everyone was looking for, nor are they in any kind of National Championship contention. In fact, they are hardly in the running for the Atlantic Division. The Atlantic Division looks to be Clemson's to own this year if they make it through their schedule.

    Florida State, despite having two losses, is the only two loss team in the Top 25, with all other 24 teams having one loss or less. Why is Florida State still in the Top 25 with two losses?

    Baylor, despite their better performance, dropped out after only one loss, and TCU dropped out and they also have two losses as well. Based on their performance and overall execution,they aren't worthy of any kind of Top 25 ranking in the polls, yet they somehow stay after TCU dropped out after two losses and Baylor dropped to 25.

Texas A&M

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    Texas A&M is starting to gain a label as the proverbial "choker." Twice in two weeks they have blown three score leads in the second half of games to lose. Both of these losses were against great offensive teams with suspect defenses in Oklahoma State and Arkansas.

    Texas A&M was a big fan favorite heading into this season, bringing back a very productive offense under head coach Mike Sherman, while simultaneously bringing in a good defense with the ability to get after the quarterback. They were, as always, one of many teams that had shots at BCS Bowls and National Championship aspirations. But it appears this will no longer be the case. Despite that, they still remain in the polls at No. 24.

    This is still a head-scratcher because, unlike Baylor, who was No. 15 and almost dropped out completely despite their performance with Robert Griffin. FSU has somehow managed to stay in the poll game and remain ranked. Texas A&M has proved to everyone they cannot finish out games, and can not hold a lead in the second half. Based on their performance, they are not deserving of a Top 25 ranking.

Virginia Tech

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    The Hokies finally got their first test against a good opponent like Clemson.. and failed miserably.

    It is one thing to be competitive, especially at home. It's another thing to lose completely and not get in the end zone once, and have a horrible game by everybody. The Hokies were sluggish and never really had a chance to make anything happen once Clemson made it a two score game at 17-3. Special teams was also a struggle for them, a rare occurrence under head coach Frank Beamer and his emphasis on special team.

    The Hokies fell to No. 17, and still hold a place despite their dreadful performance against a higher caliber opponent. And being in the Coastal Division, the Hokies will face plenty of competition, including the Miami Hurricanes and the option led Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, who are likely to come out as winners of the Coastal Division. While it is certainly surprising how little they dropped, they are likely to lose again soon and drop even further.

Kansas State

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    Kansas State has surprised and managed to obtain the No. 20 spot in the AP Top 25 poll.

    This is due in large part to their very slim victory against explosive Robert Griffin and the explosive Baylor offense. The Wildcats, however, are certainly questionable to be ranked, despite their 4-0 status. Kansas State has had to dwell in the bottom of the Big 12, and when they have to face the likes of Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas, they will be in for quite a ride. This ranking should not last too long, however.