The BCS Standings: Why They Were Right...For Once.

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer INovember 30, 2008

I hate the BCS! I hate it with a passion like everyone else. When you have former coaches and the "experts" saying that this system is beyond flawed and wrong every week, you got to go with the majority sometimes. But for the first time ever, the BCS...actually got it right this time.

And thanks to some good games yesterday, the proof is in more than just the pudding.

#1 Alabama 36, Auburn 0

Alabama needed a statement win to show that they were worthy of their top spot. In recent years, it's not been a good ending for teams who finish the season undefeated. But Alabama has a solution: How does a shutout in the annual Iron Bowl sound?

Though they won the game, the war is not yet over. Though the Tide capped off their perfect season with a slaughtering at Tommy Tuberville's expense, Nick Saban has to still survive the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta. It's clearly official now that someone from the SEC will clinch a berth in the BCS. But for Alabama, the BCS can wait. They know that they still have one more huge challenge ahead of them before Selection Sunday...

#2 Florida 45, #20 Florida State 15

It was a light and stormy night. Most scary and suspenseful stories start out just like that. But for Florida State, the horror was just beginning for them. At the start of the game, the rain put the game in Florida State's favor. They choked. At kickoff, they had to rely on Maryland to win their spot in the ACC Championship Game against Virginia Tech. That didn't happen.

They were hoping to play spoiler to their in-state rivals and keep them out of the BCS Championship picture. That didn't happen. With all those factors, it's clear to say that the Seminoles choked against potential SEC Champion and BCS Contender Florida as the Gators ripped them a new one up one side and down the other.

The win ensures that the #1 and #2 teams in the country will collide for the SEC Championship...and the winner gets to defend their conference's BCS Championship record in Miami. Possibly, that team will face the team that did more than enough to earn a spot in the Big XII Championship last night...

#3 Oklahoma 61, #14 Oklahoma State 41

Lisa Horne told the Sooners to not destroy Oklahoma State too much. She told them that running up the scoreboard would be a bad idea. It's clear that Miss Horne was rooting for an upset as well as for Oklahoma to have troubles against the Cowboys.

Unfortunately for her and Texas, neither happened. Thanks to a high octane second half and some mental mistakes from Oklahoma State, the Sooners crushed the hopes of Texas Tech, Texas and Oklahoma one one night. With a 20-point win over the Cowboys, Oklahoma did enough to win their spot in the Big XII Championship Game.

As for Texas, they have to hope that Mizzou does better in this meeting against the Sooners than last year. If Oklahoma loses the Big XII Championship, it's obvious that the nod for the BCS Championship will go to the next in line: So either Texas or Alabama (if the Tide lose this weekend) will have to hope for the best.

#5 USC 38, Notre Dame 3

The Trojans knew what was at stake this weekend. Despite some pregame fireworks between the teams, USC vamped up their BCS Resume by crushing Notre Dame and Charlie Weis, who may have coached his final game at South Bend.

The Trojans got some much needed help yesterday in their hopes for the Pac-10 Championship and the Rose Bowl. The committee couldn't be happier about the circumstances. But if UCLA defeats USC this weekend, it would have all been for nothing. But at least they can add their name to the list of teams that have Charlie Weis's possible final season at Notre Dame a surreal moment in his head coaching debut.

With a win against the Bruins, USC will clinch the Pac-10 Championship and a chance to shut the Big Ten Champion Penn State Nittany Lions down. A loss gives the Beavers the Pac-10...even though they got straight served in Corvallis last night.

#7 Texas Tech 35, Baylor 28

They knew that the Horns won on Thanksgiving night. They knew what they had to do to earn a spot in the Big XII Championship: Win and hope for an upset in Stillwater. Some things just don't happen the way you would want it to be.

The good news for the Red Raiders is that they earned a hard fought 'W' against a team that most of us expected them to blowout. The bad news is that they had to come back from 14 down to win the game, and in the process, they screwed up their chances of winning the Big XII South.

Good news: Graham Harrell improved his Heisman Resume. Bad news: Michael Crabtree went down in the first half...and came back in street clothes. Can't they just balance out the evils for once?

# 9 Boise State 61, Fresno State 10

The Broncos finished their season off with a crushing victory over the Bulldogs. Even better news for them: They've earned a shot at a BCS Bowl. Their potential opponent could be coming out of either the Big XII or the SEC. Either way, the Broncos finished impressively enough to garner my vote for a BCS bid.

The last time that everyone underestimated the Broncos, they shocked Big XII Champion and powerhouse Oklahoma in OT at the Fiesta Bowl. Is that enough for people to believe in Broncos Football again? I would think so. Because if we don't this time, they might shock another Big XII powerhouse...or even an SEC juggernaut.

The Best of The Rest

#15 Georgia Tech 45, #16 Georgia 42 (Jackets Steal One from the Bulldogs)

Kansas 40, #20 Missouri 37 (Tigers stumble before Big XII Championship)

#17 Boston College 28, Maryland 21 (BC Shatters FSU's Dreams of ACC Gold)

#19 Oregon 65, Oregon State 38 (Every Rose Bowl Bid Has Its "Ducky" Thorns)

#13 Cincinnati 30, Syracuse 10 (Bearcats Capitalize on WV's Loss)

On Tap This Weekend:

Big XII Championship (#3 Oklahoma vs. #25 Missouri)

MAC Championship (Buffalo vs. #12 Ball State)

Victory Bell Game (#5 USC vs. UCLA)

ACC Championship (#18 Virginia Tech vs. #16 Boston College)

SEC Championship (#1 Alabama vs. #2 Florida)


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