College Football Picks Week 5: Locks and Shocks To Take to the Bank

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 30, 2011

College Football Picks Week 5: Locks and Shocks To Take to the Bank

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    As we head into Saturday, it's time to make sense of the schedule and introduce what will be stone-cold locks and some games that will shock. 

    We have a full plate as it were. Saturday presents a Vegas-like buffet of goodies to munch on. From morning to night, there are plenty of games to keep us all fat and giggly until the pros take us away. 

    Here we will break down a handful of games that will do one of two things. We may see an upset that will have us all shocked. 

    There is no greater sports emotion that utterly stunned, as a favorite heads to the locker room, battered and beaten to a pulp. With our jaws agape, we always remark on how remarkable that game was. 

    That feeling will be presented to you this weekend. 

    We will also have a great deal of locks. A couple of them come in the marquee games that we have circled with a Sharpie back when the schedules were released. 

    There are going to be a lot of seasons ruined in Week 5, and we get to enjoy every last second of it. If you are in the business of having your head and socks blown clean off, then continue to read. 

    But I warn you. Like the time you were stuck in the elevator with that annoying guy that ruined the movie you never saw, these prognostications will tarnish the games for you. 

    You will go into Saturday and declare that you already knew that would happen. Here is a rundown of a few college football games. 

    We are hitting the middle of the season. We are safe in our assumptions of these teams, making us very confident that the ball will roll this way. Now let's watch it roll. 

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Lock: Alabama Will Beat Florida

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    One of the biggest games of the week will go to the way of the better defense. This game has been labeled as two teams looking in the mirror. 

    While Alabama may be on the road, the Tide do everything the Gators can do, and they do it better. The lone blemish of AJ McCarron has not kept the Crimson Tide from dismissing ranked teams before, and it will not be worth noting on Saturday. 

    Two top defenses will clash at The Swamp, but it will be Trent Richardson and the Bama run game that will prove to be the difference. 

    Prediction: Alabama 24, Florida 20

Shock: Arkansas Gets the Win on Neutral Ground

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    We were all lauded with the storyline that the Arkansas offense would finally put the Alabama defense to the test. That turned out to be a farce. 

    However, the Razorbacks will be primed for a bounce-back game against a team that just had one of the most memorable defensive lapses of the season. 

    Texas A&M allowed Brandon Weeden do absolutely anything he wanted in the second half of last week's game. That kind of attention to detail will not work on an offense that is still as good as we thought it was a week ago. 

    The Aggies don't have the type of defensive pressure, giving Arkansas the upset. 

    Prediction: Arkansas 30, Texas A&M 24

Lock: Wisconsin Rolls

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    I wish I could say this game would be the razor-thin contest we all hoped for. The hype is tremendous heading into this clash of titans. 

    I just don't see Nebraska holding up their end of the bargain. Taylor Martinez has been far too inconsistent for my liking. 

    The one thing that gives me pause for the Huskers is the defense. Badgers fans should be very confident that Russell Wilson can still command the type of stats he has accumulated, and do it against a Top 10 team. 

    That's the sort of thing that will get you noticed as a Heisman candidate. 

    Prediction: Wisconsin 34, Nebraska 24

Shock: Clemson Gets over Virginia Tech

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    Two overrated teams meet on Saturday in Blacksburg. Granted, I feel that both are only a couple rungs higher than they should be, I will take momentum over pedigree on Saturday. 

    Clemson is on a roll, making believers left and right with their wins over Auburn and Florida State. They have a never-say-die offense that continues to roll with otherworldly 3rd-down efficiency. 

    The Hokies have a stout defense, but I can't get their game against East Carolina out of my head. This team is susceptible to complacency and mental errors. A team like Clemson will eat those mistakes up. 

    Prediction: Clemson 27, Virginia Tech 23

Lock: Notre Dame Cruises over Purdue

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    Purdue has looked good, but have done their winning against far lesser opponents. The Notre Dame defense will shut down anything Purdue plans to do in this contest. 

    This is the season for Purdue. A win against Notre Dame will be the icing, cherry and sundae all wrapped in one. 

    Notre Dame was a little shaky last week against Pittsburgh, but will bounce back with a comfortable win on Saturday. 

    Prediction: Notre Dame 30, Pittsburgh 17