Ole Miss vs. Fresno State Preview: This Is a Big Game for Ole Miss

Matthew WatkinsContributor ISeptember 30, 2011

Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott

After another loss for the Rebels, the team is looking just like last year.

Ole Miss played a decent game against Georgia. They stepped up and made some good defensive plays with an amazing interception by Charles Sawyer, but they could not stop the run on the crucial third down plays.

The Ole Miss passing game is one of the worst in the country. Ranked 113th in the nation, Ole Miss can't find a quarterback that can get a drive going. Randell Mackey is really the only one that got a drive going against the Bulldogs. He threw 3/7 for 78 yards, threw an interception and a touchdown pass. He is a quarterback that can run the ball if he has to.

Meanwhile, Zack Stoudt threw 9/23 for 71 yards and an interception against Georgia. Zack just can't make plays when it's crucial. He is a good pocket passer but when he is rushed he will throw with no care at all and half the time it is intercepted.  He needs to learn how to take sacks or escape the pocket and throw the ball away if he has to. Anything to save a turnover.

The rushing game is also bad so far this season. Ranked 103rd in the nation for rushing yards, Ole Miss seems to be least productive offense in the nation.

However it isn't the talent that is holding them back. With Brandon Bolden and Jeff Scott running the ball they seem like an explosive combo that can produce more than 150 yards a game. Brandon Bolden had the injury in the season opener and has returned but cannot gain any yards. Jeff Scott replaced him for a coupe of weeks and did pretty good with a punt return in the SIU game. He can easily do that again.

One big problem against Georgia was the holding calls that sent two touchdowns back. Ole Miss could have had some early momentum if they would have scored on their first drive. The holding calls will have to stop if they want to have big plays.

On the receiving end, the freshman receivers stepped up and made big plays. Donte Moncrief had three receptions for 68 yards and a touchdown. Nickolas Brassell also had two receptions for 52 yards. 

Fresno state comes in to this game 2-2(1-0 WAC). They are 45th in the nation in passing yards with David Carr going 24/37 for 371 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions in the last week vs Idaho. Expect him to have another good passing game vs. Ole Miss. He threw two INT's vs Idaho which doesn't have an impressive defense, so expect Ole Miss to come home with 2-3 INT's against Carr.

Fresno's running game is ranked 94th in the nation, Robbie Rose had 25 carries for 112 yards and no touchdowns. Don't expect for him to explode much, but maybe one long play given up by Ole Miss

Ole Miss needs this win if they want to get a chance at a bowl game. They will have a bye week next week before playing Alabama at home. My final prediction is 31-13 Ole Miss. Hotty Toddy!