Oregon Ducks Football: Best, Worst Uniform Combinations of the Last Decade

Sam Schwartz@seschwartz365Correspondent ISeptember 29, 2011

Oregon Ducks Football: Best, Worst Uniform Combinations of the Last Decade

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    Although Oregon has emerged into a national powerhouse through the play of its fabulous offense, the Ducks have made a name for themselves with their unique uniforms.  With large contributions by Nike founder and Oregon alum Phil Knight, the Ducks have revolutionized the game by way of their appearance. 

    While uniforms cannot win games on their own, the equipment Nike has provided Oregon has helped the school's student-athletes transform into better players in a number of ways. 

    However, this does not mean that the Ducks are always going to look good.  In fact, for all of the genius uniform combinations that Oregon has appeared in over the last decade, there have been just as many unpleasant ones worn.  

    Therefore, in this slideshow I will rank the three best and three worst uniforms combinations that the Ducks have worn over the course of the last 10 years. 

Best: Oct. 2, 2010 vs. Stanford

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    Hosting Andrew Luck and the ninth-ranked Stanford Cardinal in front of ESPN's College GameDay, the Ducks came out in style in the signature win of their best season in program history.

    Instead of sporting some sort of black or carbon combination, the Ducks played it safe and wore all green. 

    However, rather than playing in the green jerseys with gray numbers released before the 2009 season, Oregon introduced a new top that featured yellow numbers.  

    Besides a little bit of silver on their wings, this was one of the few times that the Ducks wore a combination made up of solely their official school colors.   

Worst: Sept. 20, 2008 vs. Boise State

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    In the last game the Ducks lost at Autzen Stadium, Boise State and freshman quarterback Kellen Moore upset Oregon by a score of 37-32.  

    Oregon's play looked awful in the first half of the game, as it trailed the Broncos 24-6 at halftime, but what was even more disturbing was the uniform combination. 

    If the green-on-yellow jersey was not enough to make spectators look away, the Ducks had to add black pants to the outfit. 

    However, that was not even the worst part of the combination, as they topped it off with a hideous neon-yellow helmet.     

Best: Sept. 26, 2009 vs. Cal

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    In the Ducks' 2009 Pac-10 opener, they hosted sixth-ranked Cal and Heisman Trophy-candidate Jahvid Best.  After the Bears kicked a field goal on their first drive of the game, Oregon responded with 42 unanswered points.

    Although the Ducks had just released a number of new jerseys before the season, they decided to go with a retro look in this game. 

    The simple yellow on green jersey with plain yellow pants were a complete success for a team that usually comes out in a very complex outfit.   

Worst: 2003 Sun Bowl vs. Minnesota

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    The Ducks finished in third place in the Pac-10 in 2003 and earned a trip to El Paso for the Sun Bowl.  They faced off with Minnesota and lost a nail-bitter by a score of 31-30. 

    Although Oregon did not have the worst game on the field, its uniforms were far from impressive.

    National audiences were disgusted to see that Oregon had decided to wear all green on yellow for the game. 

    Although they were probably not aiming for it, it looked like the Ducks were wearing a bright yellow onesie on the football field.   


Best: 2011 BCS National Championship Game vs. Auburn

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    Although the 2011 national championship game is one that most Oregon fans would like to forget, the uniform combination is something that should be remembered for years.

    This was a rare circumstance that the Ducks released their uniform selections before the actual game day, as they revealed these outfits during a Nike press conference at Cowboys Stadium a few weeks before they met with Auburn. 

    The white jerseys and gray pants filled with accents of chartreuse were a perfect choice to go along with their revolutionary carbon helmets. 

    While many SEC fans joked about the Ducks uniforms in the weeks before and after the competition, they all know that they wish that their teams could pull of such a hip outfit.   

Worst: 2006 Las Vegas Bowl vs. Brigham Young

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    If this is not the worst uniform combination in college football history, it is certainly one of the worst that Oregon has ever worn. 

    The Ducks had lost their last three games heading into this competition and were subsequently crushed by BYU by a score of 38-8. 

    The green- and yellow-on-black jerseys with black pants were not that bad, but their helmet makes this uniform combination hideous. 

    Oregon's trademark logo was placed very awkwardly on the back and the exact color of the headgear has yet to be determined.

    The way that the Ducks looked in this game, it is not surprise that they were ousted by the Cougars.