Nebraska vs. Wisconsin Football: Should Cornhuskers Wear Black?

Chad Robb@@MrFantasyNASCARCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2011

Will Cornhusker Fans take over Camp Randall?
Will Cornhusker Fans take over Camp Randall?Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The chant from Cornhuskers fans is “Go Big Red.” If Nebraska is the Big Red, then why would the Cornhuskers consider wearing black helmets or uniforms against Wisconsin on Saturday night?

The logical reason is because Wisconsin and Nebraska uniforms look similar, and adding black to the Cornhuskers’ uniforms would help separate the two teams. My theory is: Nebraska is the Big Red. If anyone is to change, it should be Wisconsin.

The idea of adding black into the uniforms came about when fans and later, Nebraska officials, created the “Pack the Black” campaign for the Wisconsin game. Nebraska fans are known for showing up at the opposing team’s stadium and turning it into a sea of red. This week, the Nebraska fans would be lost in the crowd if they wore their traditional red shirts to the game. In order to stand out from the Wisconsin fans and prove to a national audience that Nebraska fans can take over any stadium in the country, Nebraska fans were asked to wear black instead of red.

So, we know the Nebraska fans will be wearing their black Saturday night. The question is: Will their team do the same?

The answer is no.

College football has turned into a fashion show over the last five years. Some teams have different uniforms for every game. While this might be a great marketing ploy by those schools, the University of Nebraska wants no part of it. Nebraska will stick to their roots and wear their white shirts with red pants on Saturday.

Is this the correct decision for the Cornhuskers this week? It depends on who you ask. The topic of black uniforms has been a hot topic in the state of Nebraska for the past two weeks. Rumors have been swirling around the local talk shows about Nebraska wearing black helmets at the game.

From my observations of Nebraska fans, I have concluded that most of the older Nebraska fans are totally against Nebraska wearing anything other than their traditional red and white uniforms. The younger generations of fans want to see the Cornhuskers make a statement by entering Big Ten Conference play with some sort of black uniforms.

I really don’t care if Nebraska comes out with pink uniforms as long as they win the game.

Go Big Black just does not sound right. GO BIG RED! Yeah, that’s more like it.