College Football Rankings: 4 Dark Horse Contenders for BCS Games

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IISeptember 25, 2011

College Football Rankings: 4 Dark Horse Contenders for BCS Games

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    Now it is Week 5 and the rankings are out again.

    There are many teams that are on the door step of the Top 25, and will be contending for a BCS game come postseason.

    There are also many teams that will be a good bit off of the Top 25, but still want to get a postseason bowl bid.

    Here is a look at four dark horses that will be contenders and will get a BCS bowl bid for the postseason.

Uconn Huskies

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    The Uconn Huskies football program is on an upswing as it is building itself into a strong system.

    The Huskies have a 2-2 record on the season, but they are in every game that they play.

     Many thought the Huskies were going to be lost when they had to part with Coach Randy Edsall, who really built up the program, but the Huskies are looking strong under new coach Paul Pasqualoni.

    Right now the Huskies have an outside chance at a bowl bid, but they are going to play themselves into contention and ultimately earn it because of their outstanding defense.

Notre Dame

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    Notre Dame went into this season with very high hopes.

    Brian Kelly's system finally seems to be catching on in his second season.

    The first two games were surprising losses for Notre Dame, but since then they have won two straight, looking especially strong in their upset of Michigan State.

    While the Fighting Irish have an outside chance of getting in the Top 25, they certainly are playing their way into a bowl bid.


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    While Utah is far down in their conference standings following their loss in their only conference game to USC, they still have a strong squad that is posting a 2-1 record.

    Utah is going to follow their outstanding defense into a bowl bid. Utah is currently only allowing 14.3 points per game.

    If they can keep defensive numbers like this they will have a strong resume for a bid for a bowl game and will get one.


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    The Tennessee Volunteers have a very potent offense following their passing game. They have the 10th best passing offense in the nation.

    The Volunteers' 334 yards in the passing game is very impressive and allows them to bring their best to every game.

    The Volunteers will not have the strongest conference record, but they are a team that will get into a bowl game anyway because of their strong showings.